diet cola by rai
diet cola by rai
i think spear was gonna send me money for a pic, so here it is ..
anyways, heres where ill take the time to mention a few things,
first off, greets go out to- splatt, grendel, lagomorph, syntax,
mindcrime, lemonade, apox, mighty mouse, cheeze, dark shadow, snoop,
dr. brain, red circle, torgo, crayon, armageddon donut, dieznyik,
sirdeath, smokey, bold, tna, grindstone, fluor, and a bunch of other
people prolly, so dont feel bad if i forget you. :P
regarding this ansi, it was taken from the cover of MXPXs cd, called
pokinatcha or something .. i highly reccomend it, its good punk ..
and its overall a great cd .. im glad i put out this much stuff this
pak, maybe ill have even more next month .. :