ECC: 0797 Edition by Echo Staff
ECC: 0797 Edition by Echo Staff
1. In our previous release, you witnessed the takeover Echo pulled on the
cable companies across the world, but the most tragic thing had occured
in August. Without warning, Fox network joined by other major stations
had joined together to hire a special team of men, to raid our campsite
It was horrid, at first bears attacked the tents and took our food, and
even mistook some of our troopers for meaty morsels, UGH.. yet we didnt
panic, we NEVER panic, we just get revenge. So we got in a huddle, and
plotted out the best stragedy possible to overcome this situation. All
the members put together our charity for the nudi-bar dollars, and I
took it upon myself to hire a team of two individuals to fight evil, so
that was how the Men in Plaid came into play...
1. Despite the departure of members in Echo, Im sort of glad that we have
once again restored the small memberlisting, because I think the bigger
you get, the more harder it is to keep in control and causes problems.
2. As far as the group is concerned, we are still pumping and bringing out
the packs you people seem to want. An everyday slip away from all the
frequent drawn spawns and maxx and gen13 chicks.. difference is good.
. We support the gay community
huh. ** ironghost has change the topic on channel ansi to: get the new
echo pack.., it kicks ass - eye gee
5. We here at Echo would just like to say that we care about our artists
who left us this month. We wish them the best in their future
endeavors and hope they will succeed. We care. Alot.
But we do care about da three newest prisone..uh, members to the camp
dislogic, enzo and deepsome. 3 fresh ansi artists that show a lot of
potential, and skills. beware, and thanks for caring.
VI. Ob la di, Ob la da, Life goes on, bra! La la la la life goes on...
7. after spending a day in ansi We dont support the gay community
7. What do you mean Barqs has bite, Johnny?
8. Due to all this misconfusion with internet and Echo, send applications
to myself watOr or one of the other seniors, thank you.
,,. This pack is dedicated to those that made it happen. Especially to ---
: k2ma, thanks for helping me out .. and all the people that constantly
asked where the package was, all 300+ of you. hi Central.
end. so ends the informational file for the month, look out for more to come
in the future. If you wish to get into contact with any of the members
in echo, the best way would be to write. We thank you for watching..
Written by: k2ma and watOr,, All art done by: watOr of Echo ,, Echo in the 97
camp echo out