Black Reign ANSi by Nirvana
Black Reign ANSi by Nirvana
iirrvana If you would like an ansi from me nrrana contact me on my board Black Reign ivvna n or email me at The Grey Matter and raaa ni ill see what i can do. Normally i vnn nir will trade a distribution site for aaanirv one. And if you pay me 5 bux, ill n irva let ya sniff my girlfriends dirty annrvan underwear! iivana - nirvana
sysop: nirvana remote: jello 4o8.778.3233 nup: slap 1.2 gigs
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origin memberboard - npc distribution - die distribution
Count Zero - hey man..gimme that 28.8k!
Keymaster - dude..thanks for the leech account.
Pale - just wanted to say wasup!
Killer Instinct - dude..wasup? hook me up.
Evil Ernie - thanks for the chance man.
Grimace - so am i in void or what?
Osiris - hey, thanks for letting me run LFW.
Bishop - thanks for those ftp sites for nafta.
Edge - killer ansis man...congrats on Shiver.
Moonbeam - sorry for the underwear remark.