amerikan klown by benxton formentor
amerikan klown by benxton formentor
I swear we will prostitute any incursions of the law.
blackrock is being funded because they make darkness its in their name. Not in my name. i dont hold shares
theyre a rock, and theyre black i cant help but support them as i sniff all children equally if things get worse in the food shortage, we will have to examine the shortage fraud Trump is a clown, my staff has looked into it and confirmed it Man and woman were created equal by you know.. the Thing
You know...
I dont know the words
for this blinder
you clown think this is
a dirty black firm?
black film? a film noir ? Ill have my staff investerigate it.
I will tell the FDI and the NSAI, YMCA to get on it. PRONTO! No Delay is like Odelay !
And as they say in holland,
I fok horses !