the great american hunter presents.....
trump is mega god status level 6000 there is no higher level
donald trunp is the fuckin best guy out there for the job
anyone who disagrees has no idea about politics or how the real world works
1: get a job
2: pay your taxes
3: pay for your health insurance
4: lease a car
5: vote trump
6: buy more guns
7: pray to jesus
8: kill isis
if you cant follow these simple 8 steps to greatness to become as awesome as
donald trump is, then you wont succeed in life.. im sorry to have to be the
one to tell you.. you have no idea about real world stuff and you are all
living in fantasy land.
donald trump said he would make america great again, and he did. and he will
continue to do so untill he is no longer the president of the greatest nation
of the entire galaxy and cosmos, plus the planet earth and all surrounding
planets, even titan is involved.
if you dont want to pay for health care then you are part of the problem
you need to buy more guns to help the great nations economy, if you dont you
are part of the problem.
anyone who isnt working and is making excuses not to work 40 hours min
should be taken to the mexican border and forced to help build the most
innovative wall ever built.
hes made america safer already, and he hates isis, why anyone would not vote
for this man who hates isis is confusing, do you want america to be taken over
by muslims? potential terorrists? their RELIGION DOES NOT WORK WITH THE
GREAT AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE nor should it ever.
america does no compromise on its way of life.
trump is a great man
a hero
a legend
ansi artwork drawn by the great american hunter. tgah