wow, doesnt dissonance just fucking rock?
Well, he we are.. June 15th and releasing our first pack. It took four months get it together but we did it. We hope you enjoy this ansi art pack, as much
as we enjoyed drawing and producing it.
were a bunch of pre-pubecent boy-humping sluts!
Well.. distant was formed some time in April. by me. thats about it for history
, we never went to war with Sudam Husane. We never found a cure for cancer. We
just formed. What a great history. Nice and brief.
We wish we had scored wth Jenna Jameson, whoo!@
On the subject of 411:
41, call for directory assistance!@
411 is my side group.. its sorta a emag, but not really. I decided that we
in the ansi scene, needed a greatest ansis of the month pack so thats what
411 is. Ill take all the packs from every group, for that month.. and then
unbiosed pick the best logos and pics and joints. That way you can look at it
and then youll see what was good that was realesed this month. yep. oh yeah.
411 is a break off of scene. its kinda a thing that we have going with scene
so that we can run there emag, cause i want to run a emag. even though scene
is sponsered by uprise. 411 will be sponsored by distant.
im writing this on a piece of shit shitty laptop of skwerils. wow,c eh? fuc On the subject of scene:
the scene? fuck the scene man, i just want some bananna bread.
Distant will put contribute to the 1000 line multi group ansi that its hosting.
Our 100 lines or whatever will be... A desk. No.. we hope to contribute some
anime. so no one else can use that. I gave you fair warning. Since Im a high
person in scene i feel the obligation to tell you everything I know about it.
Scene is a kinda group that brings all the ansi groups together to make wonder-
ful art works. Scene is run by lostsoulsls of uprise. thats why its uprise
sponsored. thats about it. If you want your group to contribute in scene. check
out scene to find all the last ideas and shit.
purple dancing on buttermilk that doesnt wear a t-shirt.
wow! 31 lines.. I didnt think I would get this far.
im canadian you fucking mug slut fuck. i want shawn micheals.
All you CANADIENS out there. I hope you had a great canada day. I did. I sat at home and watched the fireworks from my deck.
guests, what the fuck. dont waste your time guesting, draw for me@!
Thank you to all those who guested this month actually only 3 . Cryogenic of
force and Psylock of NoName, and dissonace did a joint with the night angel.
They all help make the pack a much nicer thing to look at.
uNF I want a smurf, is that considered beastiality???
Distant is getting a ftp site soon. There you can find all the lastest gossip
and national inquirer shit, as well as smaples of our artist and all our packs.
till then we are using this website as our temporary home:
wow, hey..
actually its unfbox now.. err, lunchbox. Im jacking it. iTT.
All you drawing people out there draw for my board nothing so that I can
put it up telnet. its going to be awesome.
i tel you, im wanking it like a madman.
I think that about wraps it up.
ends at 53 linesunf
napalm death and cool guy and devious can all SUCK IT.
check for hidden text.