d a n s k e
a s c i i
k r e a t i v i s t e r
idle since 1864
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font originally by some rmrs1981 dude, credits to him!
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-hndl ----powsisjon -stajl --abv-
Macaw Founder/Lunatic Oldschool/Newschool/Ansi mw
CyberKid Founder/Drunk Oldschool/Newschool/Ansi ck
*Spice Youngster Oldschool sp
*Garflozzy Lowlife ansi-artist Ansi gf
*Ouzo 12 Annoying-board-dude Analogue
Newbies have been marked with an asterik *.
Definition of ANSI : Ansi chars without colors!
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-njme ----numbr ----powsisjon ----spiid----Operator-
Comicon +45-86983932 WHQ 28800 Macaw
*Mapfumo +45-G-P-WC DIST SITE 33600 Ouzo 12
Newbies are still marked with an asterik *
Note: We are currently not looking for anything else than 10+ node boards!
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Danske Ascii Kreativister DASK was founded in the middle of May 1997.
At that time the only groupmembers were Macaw ACID and CyberKid KTS,
but by the medio June two DANISH artists applied for the society - and got
accepted. They were Spice PEROXIDE and Garflozzy PEROXIDE, who both
showed interrest and care for the group.
By medio June 1997 Ouzo 12s board, Mapfumo, joined as distribution-site.
Around the 1st of July most of the DASK crew is heading for The Copenhagen
Party where we plan on attend in 7 days. So, if you want to contact us,
just snoop around, we are there!
After the boring party in Copenhagen, where the highlights were the beers
allthrough the night. No acctual party atmosphere was present.
Btw: Macaws birthday is the 10th of July - give him some present
Note: we are allways looking for new talents, from the DANISH ASCII scene,
who would like to join DASK and help us becomming succesfull.
/ mw
-fejlnme ----relisrs ----tajtel ----djt ----
DSK-01 .ZIP Macaw First Official DASK Rel 05-17-97
DSK-LOHP.TXT CyberKid Land of Happy People 05-27-97
DSK-YOUC.TXT CyberKid You see? 05-30-97
DSK-LNC .TXT Macaw Lazy and Crazy 05-30-97
DSK-SKOD.TXT Macaw Skod 04-06-97
DSK-SF .TXT Macaw Summer Feeling 06-06-97
DSK-ABE .ZIP Spice Abekat 15-06-97
DSK-ZAR .ZIP Macaw ZAR 16-06-97
DSK-WHAT.ZIP GarFlozzy Whatever 18-06-97
DSKWORDS.TXT Cyber Kid Words 06-07-97
DSK-BBS .ZIP GarFlozzy Bbs colly 22-07-97
Note: All files are available for download at Comicon or at the dist sites.
Releases marked with an asterik * are currently not avaiable!
Cyber Kids words was released as being DASKs 10th package.
Macaw : NFO layout. Last updated 22-07-97 by : GarFlozzy