dr0p newsletter by rink rat
dr0p newsletter by rink rat
: : : : GROUP.NEWS : : : :
i have become quite rancorous this month. droppies
seem to have a sudden aparant lack of desire to submit for
sum reason. we lost our tracking coordinator claypool due to
his inability to track anymore due to a bad accident while
he was a whacking, which rendered him deaf. be sure to check
his tracks in the next release of revelation....... i would
like to thank empy for coding us a very nice application
generator which all of you fuck-os can fill out and email to
me.. we are also still looking for a coder to make a dropview.
on the good side, mel farr suppastar is gone for the summer!
now lets all contribute extra amounts to make him look bad.
anyways, now i have taken control of your screen, i control
the vertical, and the horizontal, damn that show is good, the
outer limits.. anyways, now that mel is gone, i can tell you
all a little secret, mel is really a little goblin with big
dorkey glasses and he is yer typical computer nerd.. but shhhh,
dont let him know i told you.
this month, as i have stated, has been slow in every division.
in the ascii division we have an ascii of that cool dood from
tiny toons by rink rat, as well as organ grinders 2 debut
asciis for drop. in the ansi division, we have 5 debut ansis
from our new ansi coordinator tormentor as well as 2 debut
header ansis from ripper. we hope ripper can add some zing to
the newsletters from now on with headers for each section. and
along with debuts, we have 1 from a new tracking member,
faction, and 2 from our new tracking coordinator torreador.
along with all the debuts from our new members, we also have
several vga from bad-crc, the once ansi-turned-vga dood, and
2 nice drop logos from el-eye as well as another drop logo
done for us by grymmjack. thanks to all, i will be putting
all you lazy members to the grind next month......
: : : : MEMBER.LIST : : : :
phear me, i -- - PRESIDENT E-MAIL - --
have the power ---- Rink Rat ASCII rink@match.org --- im the prez.. gto do this..
Mel Farr Suppastar mfs@match.org
Torreador TRACK Carrion69@aol.com
Semso VGA tds@voy.net
Tormentor ANSI akirahow@hotmail.com
-- - ASCII E-MAIL - --
Speed Freak speedfrk@glo.be
Dark Cube of 313
Organ Grinder
-- - ANSI E-MAIL - --
Bad-Crc badcrc@cybermail.net
Aerosmith aerosmith@match.org
-- - LIT E-MAIL - --
Raven raven@match.org
Acolyte acolyteblade@hotmail.com
-- - VGA E-MAIL - --
Aerosmith aerosmith@match.org
Bad-Crc badcrc@cybermail.net
: : : : NEWBIES : : : :
tormentor: this aspyring young ansi artist comes to us from
the realm of Sweden, home of great hockey players,
and excellent looking women. tormentor was
appointed the ansi coordinator as rink rats first
official action as acting president.
acolyte: acolyte comes to us from the blade nation.. he feels
that our lit division does not present lit the way it
should be, so hes here to shape up the lit division
faction: i went in trax on efnet and asked if anyone wanted to
join drop and he responded and sent me his work and i
forwarded it to torreador and he was in. he does lots
of ambient type stuff.
ripper1: this guy responded to one of my msgs in ansi about
joining drop. he has extensive skillz in the area of
ansi text headers and such. he will definatly make
a great contribution to the drop team.
: : : : QUOTES : : : :
this is a new section of the drop newsletter presented by
claypools annoying little brother, superfly. anyways, his
quote that i found quite humorous was as follows, along with
quotes from other elite d00dz.
superfly: damn.. i hope some of their eliteness rubs off on
me. said while watching rink and clay run a lan
claypool: no.. said after i asked him to say something elite
for the drop pack
mel farr: i am a homosexual and i like to molester barnyard
animals.. call me up at 1-800-328-4475.. he said
this, really, while he was away at camp.. g
: : : : CLOSING : : : :
music listened to while compiling this lovely pack together...
a. the saint soundtrack
b. goa - trance psychadelic
c. weird al yankovic - bad hair day
d. the rolling stones - through the past darkly
contacting us information...
a. drop@match.org
b. drop on efnet
c. http://drop.home.ml.org
waaaiiiittt! ---- where are drops oddities??
they are gone with mel, and shall return with mel..
::: captain planet.. hes our hero :::