da newsletter by rink&mel
da newsletter by rink&mel
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,d7 ?b, oxi
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yp. .qy by oxi belial
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Unleash the fires of hell upon me
I am damned
I am the plague of your
I will destroy your ignorance
You only hate me so long as I dont
fear you
your ignorance
will be
your downfall
- - - - d r o p n e w s - - - -
this month has been kinda slow. everyone was so over-joyed
with the release of our first pack, they forgot that the next
one was going to be out in a few weeks. so we are really
gonna get on our members about work right off the bat of this
release. our irc bot kinda got f00-barred by crash. so i
kicked his azz for not keeping in contact. if anyone else
would like to hook us up with a bot wed appreciate it. so
anyhow, back to the pack, we got a few guests from n0sferatu,
belial + oxidizer joint, and a few other niggahz.
internet news is kind of disappointing. somebody hax0red my
web space and deleted the drop web page so i have to start
over from scratch. its address will be drop.home.ml.org and
you can check it regularly. in other news, the drop whq has
gone telnet! check it out at goo.dyn.ml.org not always up,
usually tho. ftp space is coming.
when the drop web page finally goes up, its address will
temporarily be http://drop.home.ml.org for lack of a better
service. we need some drop logos from our vga members, so
beware of me yelling at you to do so.
while i, rink rat, was writing up my garble-de-g00k for the
newsletter, i was doin lotsa other shit. a i was listening
to some l33t ass goa techno. b i was watching some porn.
c i was watching the red wings win the fucking cup! in yo
face philadelphia! and d i was listening to my girlfriend
whine in my ear. i tried to make it entertaining but quite
frankly i dont have much talent.
in completly other news, i applied to the blade nation and
was rejected.
now returning to the newsletter after that breif interuption,
it seems that mel is going to be leaving for the summer and
leaving the group to me, big mistake. if we take a look back
at the groups i have tried to start we will see that i have
no management skillz at all.
The Rounds of Fire no packs
Order of Orion 3 shitty packs
Drop uhmm, no comment
oh well, his mistake, not mine. in an attempt to understand
networks, my buddy claypool and i bought 40 lan cards each,
and tried to network them. we ran into all kinds problems.
we ended up getting all pissed off at each other and hitting
each other until we finally got so bloody and beat up we just
passed out. it was a very informative experience.
the local seaholm yearbook came out drop senior staffs high
school. just to show how elite we are, mel farr was in one
picture, i was in one picture, claypool was in one picture,
and raven was in two.
inspired by the red wings winning the stanely cup, i took a
very long pleasing shit.
i would like to invite all elite people to visit me at my job
at Twist Shout in downtown birmingham burningham, michigan
next to the birmingham theater. i know this doesnt apply to
95 of you, but for the 5 that it does, come on down.
on a closing note, i would like to say that i hate everything,
and this has been a very rancorous month for me due to finals
and my girlfriend being a bitch, and lotsa other shit. so if
you see me on irc, say something to make me feel good and ill
give you a gold sticker.
- - - - m a c l o v e r - - - -
today im going to tell you a frightening story about a kid
that goes to seaholm high school. his name is DAVID BLAIR,
and he causes me lots of angst. if you visit his web page at
http://mstgroup.com/djblair, you will know what i mean. he
has a maclovers only section to his web page. and he carries
around his mac laptop in school. he has a nasaly voice, and
weighs about 40 lbs. He is small, skinny and shrimpy. he is
your classical beaner.
so anyways, he writes this story for the seaholm lit magazine
called the Imago. It is called Beuty and the Nerd. its
about how he hacks the school computer to rig a dating contest
so he gets the chick of his dreams. and it turns out that the
most popular girl in school likes computers too and they talk
about macs at the end of the story. anyways, in the story,
he mentions if the RAM is upgradable to 512mb. what a laymuhr.
yhats the sound of me@! mel farr suppastar taking over...as we
say in debate before responding to my opponents arguments, let
me first present my own...
i took 7 weeks off from the scene. it was the best time of my
life..guess what though, im back..just kidding. ill be gone
all summer but the ill come back. you dont care. i wont even
kid myself none of you care. but im not angry. at least not about
Wu-tang forever was a disappointment... it could have been alot
anyways...in my 7 weeks off from the scene...i learned about a
series of interesitng events...allow my to present to you
shit@? whered those bastards go@
brazillian farm worker Francisco Asis dos Santos was so desperate
to stop the pain from an aching tooth that he put a pistol in
his mouth and fired. The Globo network reported that when Santos
arrived at the local hospital, doctors found that he had shot
out his eye, but the aching tooth remained.
after three members of People Unlimited, a group that believes
its members can live forever simply by wishing it, died
spokesperson Beryl Gregory defended the groups credibility
by explaining that the three deceased members hadnt lived
forever because they didnt believe hard enough
the day after an army sergeant stationed in maryland won a
court order legally changing his name to Jesus Christ
Hallelujah, he announced that he was petitioning the
Anne Arundel Circuit Court to change his name back to
Tyrone Victor Wright. He said he made the decision after
talking it over with his family, explaining were all
happy with Tyrone Victor Wright.
that concludes drops oddities
now allow me to respond to my opponents arguments
rink rat thinks im an idiot for leaving drop in his hands.
WHO CARES?@! thats the kind of attitude that will get you killed
in the inner city...
that concludes this months news...
its beauty and the geek not beauty and the nerd
- - - - m e m b e r l i s t - - - -
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- - - - n e w b i e s - - - -
organ grinder: this fly ass muthafuckah came to us from the
irc channel of PIMPS. excellent ascii artist
and general funny guy
raven: this guy came to us from rink rats school. he writes
mad lit about how he hates everything and everyone.
aerosmith: he came from the local bbs scene in rinks ac 248
is beginning to use his ansi skills to the fullest.
music man: new trackster from AOL whom i met in blade. he
does mostly MODs which may come in handy to help
us assimilate our amiga viewers...
dopie: recently joined drop and has little work to submit.
ascii drawer i met in ascii i think. he draws small
ascii logos and is pretty elite.