drop newsletter by staff
drop newsletter by staff
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- -- ---- ---- d ,g,g ---- -- ----- -
- ---- --- -- l g,g g,g ----------- -- -
destiny rules , , , , our people...
dP xxx
- - - - d r o p n e w s - - - -
greetings everyone. this is drops first release, and we
hope it will be a big success. anyhow, the main news of
this months release, is the existance of drop. when mel and
i first started drop, we started off with about 12 members,
now weve grown to 30 or so members. we have also gotten a
bot for our irc channel RAiNDROP complements of Crash, an
ftp site will.be.up.soon and a web page drop.home.ml.org
along with our members works, weve also received several
guest works from various artists. we received a guest ansi
from a well-known blade artist by the name of grymmjack,
along with a nice track from tonto.
we are always looking for talented people to join us under
any department. we accept anyone with talent, their
eliteness is of no concern to us. right now, we
especially need some coders, for we have none as of now. if
you are interested, contact us at our irc channel, drop on
rink rat is interested in starting dropnet which would be
a message network for all drop member boards. dropnet would
also consist of an optional file base for all drop releases.
i hope that a few low long distance calls dont scare away
our hq boards. any and all members of drop who run a bbs,
even if you arent interested, please email rink rat at
- rink rat mel farr suppastar -
w000...alright kaptains and comrades its your one and only
supersonic self-actualization de-habitualizer and if you bothered
to figure out what that means than youre expecting a lame
punchline right about now. Welp its president mel farr suppastar
here reporting live at 5:10am...uggh...see what i do for you
bastards...anyways...sorry its late...i had mad homework..
youll understand when youre a president... id like to same
i am exceptionally pleased with the talent i see... when rink
approached me about forming drop i was cynical... but now im
proud to say that destiny truly rules our people...and if you
think that thats a stupid name its not
in 1903, when me and rink first conceived drop we knew
we needed a name, he suggested taxi Total Art eXactly Insinght
but i explained to him that that name sucked...so he asked me
if i could do better..i said sure can and suggested the MJACTN
or the Michigan Jewish Aids Coalition Teen Newsletter, and
speaking of that i have right here a message from them:
mel farr suppastar - -- mjactn
10 great substitutes for sex
10. go dancing note: this usually ends up in sex with someone else
9. give a back rub note: could lead to sex
8. take a walk note: could definately lead to sex
7. go to a coffee house for open microphone night
6. make a memory collage for your partner
5. volunteer together
4. try a new resturaunt
3. go to the zoo
2. cook dinner together
1. play with each others hair
i recommend all of these i do...they also work
as excellent substitutes for masturbation...
mjactn mel farr
anyways...we eventually decided to form drop. Drop stands for
destiny rules our peoples it sounds like a stupid acronym
... but it isnt..., let me explain the meaning. Just as the
jews, and the muslims, and the christians, and the mormons..
etc etc are the chosen people of their chosen deity, drop is
the chosen of the art scene...you might say why are you
comparing the art scene and drop to a god and his followers?
im not comparing, im telling how it is..the art scene is
full of gods and we will be the poor, righteous teachers that
will show you all to worship the art scene...but lets get more
in detail...destiny is because destiny does rule our people....
all of us are destined to become the true best in the art scene
...eventually drop will sit atop the mighty tower of ansi looking
down at all the ugly bastards...and we have been cursed with the
forknowledge of our own success..because of that, destiny rules
our peoples...but soon you to will be our peoples because the
poor righteous teachers of drop will soon swallow all the witty
and unpredictable talent of the impotent masters of speculation
known as doodleboys. if that sentence made no sense to you than
you prolly expect a punch line right here...anyways, the name
means something folks. deal with it. its a lot better than insane
creators enterprise...i mean they arent insane or an enterprise
...speaking of that i think someones trying to beam me up
anyways, since only the members will be reading this not that
no one else, can, its just that no one else will ...so let me
talk bout the members..
comments by rink rat
mel farr - what can i say. not much. well, i can say yer a lazy
no good piece of garbage
rink rat - this guy is a hard working bastard and the best
damn vice president i could want... ive been
stupid alot and hes covered my ass and shit
and he only made one mistake...anyways...as
far as outside of drop hes ok too
damn im smooth
palpatine - he is the definition of 3l33t. i mean it. you
cant comprehend the coolness of palpatine.
if you met him in real life, youd agree
semso - nice guy, not the best vga artist in the world, but
good enough to be drop coordinator. semsos cool.
from tennessee, noticable in his voice
speedfreak - this guy is my boy. i love this guy..hes so cool
although sometimes hes annoying, actually i just
said that to piss him off.. hope it worked
the 3rd member of drop, a strong supporter from
the start
lorde karrion - i dont really understand what hes so angsty
about, but you need angst for lit right? so umm
i also dont like lit, but lorde karrion is cool
with me
formerly known as crucifados systema padro or
some shit, what could be more elite?
claypool - this guys my bud in real life...and hes an excellent
tracker. well no hes not..but hes got nothing to be
ashamed of..well yeah he does but umm...goddamnit..
anyways, clays cool with me and the reason i call
everyone cool is because everyone in drop loves each
other...no not like that...although if you do thats
your own perogative ...umm anyways, i forget...bean
on a side note, me and clay just won free slurpees
from a local radio station
bad crc - me and bad crc go way back. not really. but hes cool..
i like his board...his ansi is also extremely versatile
i met bad-crc at a burger king, hes l33t
onkyo - i have no idea who he is ...
onkyo is an elite hax0r i met in chillin, but he has
been to busy to draw for us, he will next month
sodom - ive talked to sodom a few times and hes cool..his ascii
is even better
ive talked to sodom lots, hes a very mature person
dark cube of 313 - former eclipse member, this guy is a truckload
of laughs who is also an hp master and his ascii
isnt bad either
what ever happened to our group? CyberDocs?
cake - good ascii..dont really know him well
i let him in when his asciis sucked, now hes gettin
s0ne or something - umm sorry..i dunno who you are
yes you do dumb shit, its joe houghton,
from school you beaner
el eye - el eye is my boy..and his vga is good too...pimps
el is cool, him and i run an elite web business
aspyre - hmm...aspyre acts like the second biggest newbie in the
world..but great ascii...
hes a nice ascii drawer, good guy, you should get to
know him
crash - irc wizard..dont fux0r with him or youll be kicked off
i didnt know he was in drop, cool, he got us our elite
acidtone - bbs modding is important or something..yeah
anyways...this guys a new drop member..look for more
from him later
wow, we have a modding section? where the hell was i?
lizard - he tracks. i dont know anything else about him
clay recruited him, he just joined so hell have stuff
for next month
greenice - ive watched greenice start off from not knowing how
to draw to being where he is now..and let me tell you
he is one tough-ass bastard...
i went out on a limb recruiting this guy, he has some
serious attitude problems, but we are workin on it
- - - - d r o p g r o u p n e w s - - - -
------news from the trackering
well, it was a slow month for drop tracking wise. two total
works to be released this month, beware. one of my older
ones, and a guest work from tontorevelation. not all was
amiss though, LiZard, a talented tracker joined drop, look
for his work in the future--should be interesting. the
content of this month is sorta skimp, but look for a joint
anthem next month, should be a massive production. also,
send all tracking apps to claypool@match.org or catch me on
EFnet in drop. have some samples of your work and well go
from there. --claypool
news from the trackering----
------news from the ascii division
ascii has been flowin this month! we have some very
talented ascii artists in drop. i have toned up my own
skillz to bring some elite ascii pics to the pack this month
as well as some excellent asciis from aspyre, speed freak,
sodom, cake, dark cube, and mel. i hope the art of ascii in
drop continues to grow and our ascii artwork gains prestige
in the underground art scene.
onwards to our ansi section. our ansi section consists of
two people, bad-crc and green ice. we hope this will grow
even more than ascii soon. we are especially looking for
ansi artists, so apply with a sample of yer work. --rink rat
news from the ascii division------
------news from the vga division
drop has a very large vga department, but many of our vga
artists are inactive. the vga section is headed by semso,
and backed by el-eye, onkyo, sone, claypool, and rink rat.
were looking for our vga artists to draw some stuff for the
upcoming drop web page, which is expected to be opened
sometime in june.
news from the vga division------
that about sums it up... great pack
see you next month!@?@?@?