Dyslexia by Tonto
Dyslexia by Tonto
Myah ghreets:
c purple tentacle: take on the werld man!
u facade: You have gay french name
t godfather: dont fuck tiff
psyko semite: i have a gig and joo dont
h akira: is the group really falling apart?
e pryz: dont cuit platoooon
o r maytrickz: wow, a cia person in my greets.
to e piratebox: like, make me cool.
chronos: doo mee a proggy
to and drOol produkshinz airborn: tanx for logos, wow, an ice persin.
/ torque: groovy as shit name doodylidoodoo
c u t - h e r e ar: hit puberty, THEN call conferences.
if used on a board: slyder: uhh, do you still think i suck?
leave shroom, cut greets all surreal members: i am quitting surreal
all platoon members: keep dis shit rokin!
all vapor members: umm. i know 2 of joo
all schizo members: when joo releasing?
myah vmbs Aditional Greets
1800-fat-girl acid, ice, grip, spastic, integrity, shiver,
1800-wet-dawn revolution, infinity, cream,
D y S L e X i A