The Batkave by Ill Communikation
The Batkave by Ill Communikation
filename: ik-bkave.ans name: batkave
greetz: saint sinner - essvee - jell0 carol - anyone else i know - If you would like an ansi for your bbs you can contact me on IRC or at my box.. latez..
droOl productionz
meestawho entrance sekrit batkave - okie, um, batkave, me as sop, same handle, the most ileeeeeeterate board in the 206, thats all they hneed to gno :
greetz: ts: yo howz dis?
smooth: y0.. teklordz roqz..
ky: s0rry about rival...
ss: yo style roqz.
amp: you aint funny! :