Lazycase - letter, read flux! by flux to vermin
Lazycase - letter, read flux! by flux to vermin
yet another lazy case vermin formed after a little fucking letter newer ment
to be any hurting letter.. actually, vermin took it pretty serious
well, flux, i originally wrote a rather short reply to what you wrote there,
but later understood that such ignorance couldnt be dealt with that easily.
how in the hell can you say that i took anything seriously? how the fucking
hell can you know what I mean about this so-called letter which i havent
even read? this again proves that you are nothing but a fucking moron, flux,
a fucking gimp, acting like you know everything. you saying that deranged is
a joke just adds up to it. how the fuck should you know that? and how in the
hell, i ask, how in the hell, can you say that i took what you wrote, and that
i didnt read, seriously, when i wrote a comment like the one i did? any fuckin
moron should understand that the entire entity of what i wrote in that infofile was complete and utter bullshit! but nono, you didnt understand shit.
i quote you, a little fucking letter newer ment to be any hurting letter..
actually, *FLUX* took it pretty serious
by vermin
and here goes some pr slagging flux/pr was ruomoured to
be writing/have written an article for pancake1, about
deranged being a joke. well, flux, its great to see that
someone who has never been a member of deranged, and that -- from some
doesnt even know a single drg member, is so informed about darn info-
the actual purpouse of deranged. well, for your info file
deranged is not a joke. deranged is a group we formed cant remember right after the release of the bmb-0496 pack, formed
entirely to piss off bamboosh. we are the antichristian
hordes from hell, out to KILL and DESTROY the entire norw-
egian artscene! and just so its said, pr is now our new tar-
gets, and we are after you. we will kidnap you and burn your
house to the ground, flux. we are evil.
reply by flux
then, i got your history and meaning of drg. what i said in that article was
just as you are telling. and i think most of us think you are a joke. but now,
we got your vision. and everything is clear. i wont touch you again :
sorry, but i just have to lie down on my floor and cry of laugh..
i certainly hope youre not so stupid you believed that thing. if you really
did, though, i must say that im flattered to know someone so downright stupid
as you. i think most of us think you are a joke -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!@
it really amazes me that both you and gomez ended up in the same group, as you
seem to be just as bloody stupid. no matter how jokingly you try to formulate
what you say, its still one hell of a task for me to take this as a joke. i
never intended you to even reply to that thing. if people would reply to all
the bullshit i write in the deranged infofiles, then i wouldnt have anything
else to do than reply back. but anyhow, its nice to know you read it. pffft.