hulk - to noah by pyx
hulk - to noah by pyx
this ansi is dedicated to our good friend acidblood/tryzix. it really
hurts to see you leave so soon, pal. well, anyhow, we all hope you will
have a lot of fun with your friends now, and remember wE wILL aLWAYs
lOVE yOU!@ and yeah, this ansi was ofcourse originlly drawn by that there.,
uhm.. whatshisname again?? uhrr.. pex? pez? ryx? uhm.. pyx! yeah, that
pyx of wamboog or something. and we just found it right to destroy it, and
make it a tribute to our good friend acidblood/tryzix, so we did.
and as if that wasnt enuf, the entire idea was vermins. hes the guilty
one. tooth regulations, red hair, and brills, were all his idea. and that
joda guy drew it. uPZ. see your.