dox!productions update by dox!staff
dox!productions update by dox!staff
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6th pack! half a year!
c destroyers of the xerox 1997
lst jello
hello!. and welcome to dox!productions. well, before we get to the memb-
er list, and all that good stuff.. people have asked me about doxs
background. soooo here it is!. DoX old school sig was stared by myself back in June of 1996. We started out as a menu makers. the first dox menus went to dragons lair bbs 703-941-4490. which was the world headquarters at the time. a few weeks later. my best friend and fellow ansi / ascii artist, lord saben, joined the halls of dox!. although his
stay in the scene was short he helped bring in other members and
keep me from killing myself when we saw recent packs of aCid, CiA, and
all those good groups! 3rd and 4th to join the group were, Lord Sabens
Brother, nogit. AKA flaw and sectiod domino they brought a new level
to dox! Nogit being the first coding member started writing the dox!app-
lication which was later finished by another dox member!.
the first dox! pack was released around the 15th of October 96. it was
basically a crude collection of mine and Lord Sabens art. The feedback
about the pack if anything, was good. lYNX, trusted friend and coder
joined shourtly after the release of the first pack, and began working
on the dox world homepage which
is now online. also another new member came to dox after the release
of its first pack, war he added alot to the group
and just finished doxview graphics viewing program similar to acid
view!. well, the second pack was released with little effort on my
part. and seemed to be a vast improvemnt over the first one.
the 3rd and 4th packs were put out without any more change to the user
list, 3 new members were added, cataclysm later dropped, zoglomorph,
and fox also dropped later. once again the dox packs remained small
due to lack of members and great compression thanks pkzip! hehe
the fifth dox pack was a very good one in my opinion 5 great new
members were added. flood, aja! great vga artist, in fact
doxs only vga artist!, entrophy who has special skills in lit
legba carrefor long time friend of myself and seer great c++
programer, currently working on a doxapp!. With these additions
to the group doxs 5th pack became something that no other dox pack
had been worthy of. a good review! errrr yeah!
now, dox is working on its 6th pack. few new members have been added
this month, but I am working to find a Canadian outpost to destro
dox packs. slow going. lYNX got off his butt and put out a nice
copy of the dox!application 4.1a and i expect the next revsion
of doxview this month also so look for that!.
in conclusion, dox is always looking for ansi / ascii / vga / lit
/ code and rip members. anyone is welcome to apply, run the doxapp41.exe
included within this zip file, attach samples of your work
and send them to or call urban kaos!
current whq of dox, run my myself at 703-256-7893.
Who knows that the future holds for dox!productions, it has been
six months since the first packs came out. and lets hope with any luck we can be around for another six!.
74 line cowwie! . zog, i made that little ansi on the top for you!