Welcome to DoPEs Farewell pack. Its been a long and hard last few
months, but its finally time to hang it up.. DoPE has merged with 6 other
good groups to form iDENTiTY! Be on the lookout.. Id like to thank all
the DoPE fans out there for supporting us since we started. Some of us will
still be around, just under a new name. Be sure to remove all courier accounts
after receiving this last pack..
If there are any good groups out there looking for a merger, you can
contact us on CELL BLOCK 4 @ 815-282-8732 or any of the other iDENTiTY sites.
Id like to say goodbye to a couple members who wont be joining us in
the new group.. Adios Techmaster, maybe well see ya around.. Executioner,
I hope we DONT see you around, ya fuckin lamer..
Greets go out to CiA, BLADE, PHC, FiDELiS, DARK, RELiC, GaNjA, BAD,
Darkened Enmity, Violator, The Visionary, and anyone else I may have missed.
- MiDoPE Pres