m s h L
Disturbed Youth, Punk, Worthless Fool,
lazy kid.. Never does anything but play on that damn computer..
Freak, Weirdo, Faggot with the blue hair.
How can these doctors, professors, parents,
teachers, jocks, these idiots understand?
They call us disturbed, but know nothing about the disturbance.
They of all people shall never know the feeling of satisfaction as sleep takes
its hold at 6:00 am. They will never understand the bloody thirst for freedom, for knowledge, for freedom.
Aye these, Techno-peasants call us bizzare or call us nerds. Labels put to
hide the fear of what they dont understand.
They will never feel the rush of Sacreligion, as they defile an
altar of stupidity, never know the rush of cracking a pbx, or
cracking a file..
These cretains shall never pray at the silicon altar, they waste their time
hunting us upstart pirates. For they are dirt, lamerz, peasants meant only
to be abused, crushed, and destroyed by the few lords and ladies of the realm.
They shall never know the realms of the Elite...