F i L E
This group was started in the channel rca..I dryice was thinking
of starting a new group. First I had 2 come up with a name, then what
it stands for. A week went and i was taking the buss home from school
when i saw a graffiti which said DNA..And that was then it poped
into my head, yeah, my group shall be named dna. That week i needed
come up with what it stands for. I asked for some advice in rca and
got nothin you stupid guys . Then one day i came up with
Dangoures Nightmare Artists but a week after that i changed it 2
Digital Nightmare Artists and told it in rca. And hornet thought
it was cool and wanted 2 be Co-founder and i said ok. Since that i
havent talked 2 him so if you read this send me a email so i
moved him down 2 a senior..and thats the story of dna..phew..
Pack Info
As you know this is our first pack so dont expect super quality
art, but it will be better you have my word on that. It is not
a big pack because of lack of artists. There are some guest artist
who wanted 2 see how the pack looked before they wanted 2 join so
here the pack is, hope you guyz like it. So if you think you can
this group better then start the appgen and fill in some shit and
and send it 2 me with some of your art and I will contact you.
WANTED!! A viewer. Can you code? Can you make a cool viewer? Email dryice
or find him on irc. And we are looking for a ftp-site 2 store our stuff
besides ftp.cdrom.com. We are also in great need of rip artists and lit
artists. Dont need 2 be good. So if you feel that handel the job fill
out the appgen and send it. And we are looking for BBS in USA and every
were DAMN!! We need everything..damnit...now i dont have 2 say everything
..ah..so take and fill out the appgen and send it...
dna founder!
This Is The End Of A True Sad Story...