db Here goes the first dryice askee 4 dna..
,. Hope U like em ass much ass hrmm..i do..
,d. If U wanna join dna send a mail 2 me with..
,sS YP , the appfile and some work...my email is..
l , P . dryicedna@hotmail.com...or find me on irc..
,SS. ,sS Yepp..hope Ur enjoying the pack..and watch..
.aSSa. s 4 dna later..
.a a. Special Greetz:
S: S . YenC: Hall Jens..
S, ,S ,sS prips: Tackar fr att du rita...
,SS, S cloaked: Tack fr appen...
.dry.ice.production.1997 s0ulphuree: Same 2 ya thanx 4 the guest art.. Mhead: Ditt luder jag ska ha min 1 krona...
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- dna ------
s. Ys.
Pdna! Ybaad
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- dna ------
d d
-- dryice ----------------------------------------------- Power Of ????? ---
a dba
beda adba a aa ,
: aadb : a
a dQQb ad
d b
aad Power Of ????? ba
+o: Phantom
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- pain -----
s .,sQSSQs,. s
,.sYPb.. Scary things is about be show
: : I wanna warn all sensitive
. , watchers... ...wuss...
b,. .,b This pic is dedicated 2
,.., all the aliens out there
When i was 4 the took me away
aa but that was kind of cool
But one thing...damn ur uggly... b,,....,d
c db
,. a
. ,c asc
. c.
b bc
a cd b. :
. , da a
b d ac
, Qb ad
d. cc, b ,xc
b .,sac,d
,P ,. Y.
,db. .db.
b. .d
, d b c
..,d b.,
aaa aaaa
baa aaa
baa aaa ,
ba aa ,
b..d b..d
b. ,. ,a
b a
a , ,
a a ,
pssp, a d ,
,zdbase,,FFb ac. ,ac ,
,F?L baaad ,
3k bad ,
:bed, ,
? ? b ,
aa aa
: aa aa
a : a aa aa aa aa
: a a a
aaaaaaaaaaa a :aaaaaaaaaaaaa
: :a
: a
a a
We Are From Outer Space
We Dont Wanna Harm You
We Come In Peace
Dont Try To Hurt Us
Because We Feel No -di!
.as. .aS .aS .aSs.
::::::: b.d ::::::::::
ssssssss Yb.d ssssssssss
Wanna use an alien? Sure...just have my name on it...but if u rip any ill
eat ur momma....or ur daddy....fewl..
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- blond ----
yy .
y @ya, @yy yyyyy
y x
, y
@ ,
Q y@
-di! . *
* . . BR4ZiL
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- tng ------
-di! Ss
-- dryice ------------------------------------------------------- tng ------
gggggga ,ggggggggggg, ,ggggggggg.
-- dryice --------------------------------------------------- dna appgen ---
,sSSs,.sSSs.,sS a a a,s gggggsss , . a dryice! l l , dna! . a,s , , .Ss,s .S S,.Ss,s baaaaaaaaaadburitosdaamndbantanufrdu! D I G I T A L N I G T H M A R E A R T I S T S A P P G E N 1 9 9 7
-- dryice ----------------------------------------------------- force ------ Hey is this pic great or is it or
This thing is , . . is it great...heheh..made it on 5
free 2 use . , min while i was waiting for a guy
but if . 2 show upp on irc..but he
you use , .*: May The :*. . never came...shame on
it you .,s@@s. . you Silz now I must
are .ss. . kick ur ass....
lame, , Feel the
bl , -di! , force within
a , ya..hope ya
bl .s. .sSSs. .s. .s. . use it right
ab baasd , Dont join lab . ,. ,. . the dark sidelabla b,.,d b,.,d b,.,d , But you may
blabl . Call Power of
ablabla , .*: Be With Ya :*. , Dark Side...
blablabla , , Never called it
Hrmm...its , , But have drawn shit 4empty on this , . , it..no i wont type any thing
side..!? how come.!?! a more...ok..one more thing...if you
I dont know and dont care.. if you want me 2 make a cool askee like thisSo...fuck you..if u dont like it. one send a email..you know the adress itsOr go fuck someone else..not me.. on the top of this colly..so mail.ok cya.....
-- EoF ---------------------------------------------------------- EoF -----
Hey you made it till the bottom..congratz man..Can you suck my ballz.please..Why not? I asked nice...