DK Promo! by BlackRain
DK Promo! by BlackRain
,i ,s,
,sSSs,.,aSSa,i,aSs, WeLP, im back after ONLY
dP4Ss. :i , 2 get it 2 full blown...
bi ::iy computer crashes and one
,i I iyS :S : move of my house hahaha!
i s sI iiP . Id like too thanx Ex-Con
i :as,s, for letting me stay in..
i:y b yi iyS P DeaD KreW after these 2
dSa,.,sb i i : months! Thanx again man
SSP.,i P4 P4 li and more ascii on the...
P4Br.Dk:,.,::,. , way from ?!?Br?!? in 97
DeaD :KreW ,.
P ,+ +,