New For 03/95 by Death addeR
New For 03/95 by Death addeR
KiD DFT! The oficial
Rated PG For Your Viewing Enjoyment
This be KiD DFT Here, Telling You The Newest in DFT. First
Of All, Im The New DFT Mascot Not that there was an old
One Or Anything. I Was Born In The Area Code of 8o5, In
Bakersfield, California. Ok, Enuf Of This Gettting To Know
Shiz, Let Me Tell Ya About The Pack. Its Our Third Pack,
AndIf You Didnt Know That, Your Some Stoopid Shiz. This
Month Is Da Bomb!We Got Tons Of New Members No Ansi Fools
Though, And A Site In Belgium. Lets Kick It With Detail
Ok, First Of All, Our Ansi Division Is Kickin! XanaX
Did About 20 Ansis For Us! That Fool Be Kickin. AlsoOur
Quality Has Gone Up Again! We had an awesome month, just
Need A Coupla More Doods! And Death addeR To Stop Being
In Our Rip Not Ripped Fool! Division, SAi Tried His hand
At It, And Proved To Be Awesome! Thats All I Can Say.
This is da Dopest, Our VGA Division! First of all, we
Picked up An at least iCE Quality Awesome Dood Named
Blazen1. This Fool Rips G I mean hes cool fool, he doesnt
Rip Rip And Also Our Awesomest Ansi Artist, XanaX,
Decided To Try VGAs and proved to be awesome! Last but not
Least to our additions is Aphreak. This guy decided to start
Doing VGAs for Art groups, and decided DFT Was the place to
Be. We be Kickin Fool!
Our Ascii Division is Dope Fool! We Gained Airborn, Bad
Sector, And Da BoogeymanFrom Them Liking The Last Pack,
Then Da BoogeymanPicked Up Slave For Us. They Be Dope! We
Also Let In XanaX Since Hes Done Ascii In Every Pack, and
Hes Also Da Bomb! Check Em Out Fool!
In Our Lit Division We Got A Few New People. We Gain Ceryx,
Dark Shadow, and Shadow This Month, But We Got Screwed. We
Werent Able To Contact Dark Shadow or Shadow in Time For
Da Pack, Death addeR Dropped Doing Lits, Monkey Boy Is Da
Bomb At Lits, But His Hard Drive Got Bombed, So We Didnt
Get ANY Work From Them. Nightingale Changed Hard Drives, But
Managed To Do 3 Lits, And Ceryx Joined 3 Days Before da
Pack, But Managed To Get 3 Also. Ok, Nuf With Dis Shiz.
Lemme Tell Ya A Few Other Things. In Our Coding dept., We
Gained Rollo, Slayer, And Dark Shadow 3 Days Before Da Pack
So They Had No Time To Do Anything. XanaX Tried His Hand At
An App And Hes I think i sed dis??? Da Bomb. Also, We
Picked Up A New Courier, Mardukk From Surge.Nuttin Else New
How Do I Apply For DFT You May Ask Yerself. Unless Youre
An Eediot, Then You Should Be Able To Follow dis. Know What
Im Sayn?!? First, Fill Out An App Duh, Right?, Then
Include 973,839, or at LEAST 3 Pieces Of You Work And Upload
The ??!DFT.APP To The WHQ. You Got That Freak?
We Have A New Net, Da TRiPnet! To Apply To This, Fill Out
An App G, Then Upload It To DFTs WHQ., Which is ALSO
TRiPnet WHQ.
Well, I Guess Ill See You Foolz Around. Latez...
Credits For People That Dont Deserve Them
DFT KiDc Created AND Drawn By: XanaX of DFT
DFT KiDc Role The Werds Fool Played By: Death addeR of DFT