C Antibody 1998
header...: Cracking4All
requested: MrFanatic - March 98
notes....: Well err.. Guess this is me on some sorta wild space trip... dezign
cRACKER MrFanatic
dATE Febuary 11, 1998
sOFTWARE Turbo Browser Version 6.01 Build 80128
sOFT tYPE Browser Application
lOCATiON http://www.turbobrowser.com
oPERATiNG sYSTEM Windows 95
cRACK tYPE Time trial crack
cRACK nOTES Just run the crack file to its installed dir.
c4a mEMBERS MrFanatic founder, JohnDoe1, Rainbw, sIMONz.
c4a tRiALS
eMAiL cracking4all@hotmail.com
iRC EFnet c4a
World Wide Web Http://cracking4all.home.ml.org
c4a siTES xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T3 C4a World HQ
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T1 C4a Euro HQ
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx T1 C4a US HQ
nFO lAST uPDATED 24/DEC/1998
by mRFANATic!