Logo Cluster by PhL!
Logo Cluster by PhL!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, hi people and welcome to my first release with ToXiC.
The worx presented here differ in age so some of em suck.
No matter . Well, its time for greets now ! Lets see
They fly to : Painless, Magneto, Chiller, LL KiD J,
GreenPix7, Virgin Killer, Teddy Beer and all the
artists out there . Sorry if I forgot someone.
PhL! Warm FUCK YoU ! goes to skinheads - die, mazafakas !
----------------------------------------------------------- MY CooL HEADER --
---------------------------------------------------------------- BLooM TEAM --
------------------------------------------------------------------ RRR eMAG -- PhL!TOX
-----------------------------------------------------iTS... HMM... GUESS ! --
Maniacs statioN
---------------------------------------------------------- MANiACS STATioN --
Gangsta Crew
------------------------------------------------ GANGSTA CREW. FLAMES STYLE --
----------------------------------------------------- ooPS ! iTS AN ASCii --
Its the end of the world as we know it... Well,
the colly is over. If you want an ansi from me
try to find me somewhere around. Bye !