July 1996 Decades Newsletter by Decades Staff
July 1996 Decades Newsletter by Decades Staff
thesilentkiller DECADES
d e c a d e s n i n e t y s i x
Greetings, and welcome to your first encounter with Decades. The time
for our coming is at hand, and we hope that you will welcome us with open arms.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the highly anticipated first release from
Decades, an art group with talented artists, dedicated to bringing you quality
art. Enjoy!
...what is decades?
Decades roots stem from the successes of two groups you may remember
Rival and Humid. These two groups have joined forces in hopes of bringing you
some of the best art youll view in the coming months. Over the last month of
our existance, however, weve had people join our ranks who were not in either
Rival or Humid. So Decades really has become more than a Rival/Humid merger.
Decades is something completely new. Completely fresh, as you will soon see.
...this month.
Hectic. Chaotic. Intense. Fun. Frustrating. Amazing. All words to
characterize the Decades world this month. Two entirely seperate groups of
people, with the same vision, thrown in the mix together in hopes of bringing
the scene something fresh and new. Raw. Heads bumped and wills clashed, but
through it all, weve survived. We had an influx of people join, and a number
of people leave. Unusual month for a group who had yet to release their first
pack. Propaganda. Rumors. Lies. Politics. All surrounding the Decades name.People not believing in us, and trying to bring us down was something we had to
learn to cope with. Yes, its hurt us in some ways, but more than anything, it
has given us strength and drive to prove the critics wrong. Through all the
bullshit, through all the struggles, weve come this far, and with a damn good
pack under our belt.
...the future.
The future of Decades has yet to be written. Who can say what lies
ahead? Hopefully many more months of quality art packs. Our main goal in
Decades is to improve more and more each month. If we can do that, then our
presence in the scene is justified. We plan on bringing you the Decades Viewer,and the Decades Application Generator, in next months pack. Our Web Team is
hard at work to bring you a beautiful world wide web site, for your online
viewing enjoyment. We have a lot of plans, and a lot of drive to bring form
to those plans. Stay tuned.
...flame babbles along.
Hi. Its me again. Flame. Well, you may have known me for running
the group Humid 1-2 months ago. Now Im kickin back in Decades, helping the
group out in any way I can. Ok, enough of ME.. well.. not enough. Lots of
people have been asking me questions, concerning the merger. My thoughts about
this? Well, basically, I think it was a good choice for the majority of it.
Im really excited on how this group may turn out, considering its in its
early stages, and *anything* can happen. For better, or for worse. This is up
to the Senior staff, AND the artists. Oh well, Im basically done. I have
nothing more to say. A couple things though.. a big thanks to all who have
backed me up, and a big sorry to those who Ive pissed off by merging. Its
only the art scene. Nothing to kill over. Yet, it should be enjoyable. Hmm,
and be on the look out for my *elecomic*, coming soon if things go as planned
Signing off... umm... er something. Yeah. : ..
...on a final note.
Wed like to thank our members, for baring with us, and lending their
support in any way they could. Without you guys, this pack would not exist.
A big thanks also goes out to all the non Decades members out there that
supported us along the way. See everybody in August!
- Flame fl901@iglou.com
- Kid Krylon krylon@gaianet.net
- Decades Senior Staff
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