DARK Newsletter 10/97 by Multiple Authors
DARK Newsletter 10/97 by Multiple Authors
Infofile 10/97...
Introduction Oc
tober 1997...
Yup, its me again this month I said I st
ick around until the December
pack and I intend on keeping my promise
- Most of you are proberly sh
edding tears now because you dont enjoy my cool intr
oductions and my one ey
ed smileys but who really cares?... right? - Anyhow
back to DARK this is our freaky
shit Halloween pack however most of the con
in the pack have absolutly no
thing to do with Halloween but we thought
it be cool to release it anyhow - and I
thought it be extremely cool
to release the pack this mont
h on Halloween since its a Friday... I can
already hear those scre
wball kids knocking on my door and demanding
candy keeping me away
from this rather cool intro - so Ill just
finish up by saying enjoy t
his months pack and its time to shootdown
those pesky kids with my custom made bazooka!...
Dark News...
Winter thats me was p
romoted to General Co-ordinator this month
basically because Ive
been training in the martial arts and beat up
all the seniors until t
hey promoted me - My next order of business is
to beat up the Prime Mi
nister of Canada and take over his seat in the
development is still going at full speed on crea
amazing file sup
port. Also some freeware programs are being
around the coding
We advise ALL DARK
members to check there email addresses in the member
listings this mo
nth... We have gained quite a few members over the pa
st cou
ple of months and just want to see if our memberlisti
ngs is in
synch... If you find a problem with y
our email address in the member
listing email me Wi
nter at winter@ican.net so I can fix it for next
Dark Member Upda
After a rather slow mont
h, two new artists come to DARK with there
applications. Bizzaro and Mr
Maytag join DARK Illustrated both have
great potential in ansi, and have original styles that m
ay catch your
leaves us this month for a new group... We wish
him luck and hope h
e doesnt get hit by a car on his way there -
Dark Sites
Life Force DARK World Headquarters Seraphim
Mad Cows?!? DARK Member Board N
ight Stalker
Abraxas/Diabolic DARK US Support Sit
e Megga Hertz
ABCB Cafe DARK Support Site
Where To Obtain Dark Collections...
Via the internet, DAR
K packs can be obtained from the DARK Homepage at
Most DARK members can be
contacted through e-mail addresses available
in the memberlis
t, and some may be found lurking on the IRC, in
channel dark. E
For more detailed information
on DARK Illustrated, DARKs own F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questi
ons text file is included in this archive.
Filename: DARK-FAQ.191
Filename Conventions...
Filenames work like this:
XXXXX is a five-letter abbreviation
of the artists alias. Should the
alias fall within five char
acters or less, the entire alias will be
represents the current n
umber of pieces the artist has produced for
the year of 1997.
* can be any valid ex
tension for images, executables, data files, or
musical compositions. The most comm
on are DRK for ANSI images,
JPG/GIF/BMP/ etc... for high resolutio
n graphic images, and
MOD/S3M/XM/IT/etc for music data file
I chased one of those idiot k
ids down the block and beat him to a
bloody pulp with a pumpkin
thats what he gets for bugging me late at
night... let that be a lesson to al
l of you too - anyhow until next
month later trick or treaters...