DARK Newsletter by Xypher Matryx
DARK Newsletter by Xypher Matryx
il l us tra te d
Its been a rough month for DARK, and its at times like this I feel
like following the ranks of artists and scene personalities into so-called
retirement. Itd be so easy to throw the Shuffle Puck trophies and beta
ANSIs into a bag and bugger off.
But thats the easy way out, and Id rather we fought to a finish,
than give up and never know the outcome. Clich, yet applicable.
Lets throw an upward curve on this .NFO though.
DARK is preparing for its 25th regular pack release. A landmark we
wouldve passed much sooner if not for the bi-monthly schedule the group
followed in its early days. This upcoming pack is the potential catalyst
for the next DARK age. And therell be no more hype than that.
So sit back, and indulge yourself in the fine works to be seen this
month. Pay particular attention to the Hi-Rez department. Theyve really
come through and proven themselves the superior section of the group. The
rest of us are scrambling to reverse this trend.
-xypher matryx
Member Activity
Pyrochemist joins the Coding department to aid Oxygene with the next
version of our viewer DARKView/2.
Burnout replaces Stile in the Coordinator position. Hopefully hell
be gentle in wielding his new zinderfine. ???
A few of our members have wandered off into the unknown. Among them
are Trash, Yggdrasil, Hannibal the Cannibal, and Rafaello. We await their
safe return anxiously.
Internet Sites and Sounds
The web page, still under construction, has changed addresses due to
an overwhelming number of hits of all things. Youll be able to see the
completed page soon. The address will appear in the next pack, as well as
any willing publications.
Upon release of the 10/96 pack, Web browsers will be able to link to
http://www.interlog.com/xmtrx for download with a click. This new page,
a form of Lethal Aspect Online DARK WHQ, will also contain links to many
other scene resources. Expect it sometime around mid-October.
As always, packs may be obtained from ftp.cdrom.com, under directory
/pub/artpacks/incoming/artpacks, or from our Internet HQ, The Regency, via
telnet or ftp at tregency.res.cmu.edu. Halaster is the benevolant SysOp.
Short and Sweet
That does it for this month. You can contact members of DARK either
by Internet e-mail, EclipseNet through a support board, or on the WHQ, The
Lethal Aspect.
See you in the 10/96.
09 96
*whap whap whap whap*