Dark August 1995 Information File by Dark Illustrated
Dark August 1995 Information File by Dark Illustrated
smells like dark0494.zip
collage, 80x25
the dark collection
be young, have
fun, join dark..
dark illustrated pro
udly presents the august 1995
CN collect
ion.. august 1995 information file
its still getting worse after everything i tried.
what if i found a way to wash it all aside.
what if she touches with those fingertips.
as the words spill out like fire from her lips.
-trent reznor, sanctified
It has been said that a man born blind from birth
will never know the
meaning of darkness, for he has never experienced lig
ht. Similarly, we
have endeavoured this month to shed some light on Dark Il
particularly for those who are not yet familiar with our
enigmatic group.
Following in the lead of various Internet Usenet newsgr
oups, were proud
to premier a Frequently Asked Questions list ab
out Dark. While this
document of queries and responses might not answer AL
L of your questions,
it should sate your appetite for the most common ones
What is Dark?,
How can I become a member?, and How can my
BBS become an official Dark
distribution site? are among the many frequently
asked questions which
are illuminated in this FAQ List. And as long as our mem
bers continue to
receive frequently asked questions about Dark Illustrated
, the Frequently
Asked Questions List itself will be updated accordingly.
Also keeping in with the progressive, cutting edge natu
re of our art
presentations, Dark has developed a new way to display th
ose things that
seem to multiply faster than tribbles - logos. T
he new system, called a
Logo-BIN, promises to deliver the text creations
of our artists in a way
that both eliminates the kludgy nature of a logocluster
and shows off
all the work as one. The first Dark Logo-BIN is showcase
d in this Dark
Collection, and will continue to be used for Collections
to come.
Please feel free to drop us your questions and/or comme
nts sometime.
We would love to hear your unique insight, and offer ours
in return.
Were putting the Dark in a whole new light...
The Dark files are still named as follows:
XXXXX represents five characters for an artist na
me. is a hexadecimal
number representing the number of releases that artist ha
s made to date.
This file naming system is working out just fine for us a
nd hopefully
other groups may find this new method useful with getting
rid of the
multiple alias conflicts. All are encouraged to use it.
viewer incompatibilities
Several pieces of artwork produced this month are not c
ompatible, or
do not work properly with DARKVIEW - the inaugura
l Logo-BIN, and the VGAs
in .PCX format drawn by desalvo. Although the vi
ewer will display the
Logo-BIN, the full length will not be displayed. The VGA
s drawn in .PCX
format are in drawn in 24 bit color, limiting display to
programs. Our excellent team of coders is working on cor
recting these
minor details for future Collections.
5 things you never knew about ANSI
1. Most people like to believe that ANSI stands
for American National
Standards Institute. However, in reality, ANSI really st
ands for All
Necrophiles Should Instruct, leading to the dead goat cul
t conspiracies
which have been hounding the President.
2. ANSI seems harmless to view. However, powerf
ul subliminal messages
are often implanted within them - these being in AUDIO fo
rm, rather than
the popular system used to hide messages. To hear the co
ded message
within this ANSI, put on a pair of headphones, turn the v
olume up to
10 on your stereo, and listen closely..
3. ANSI, when tested in a bomb calorimeter, has
been found to have 9000
calories per accepted serving - an amount which can rende
r a viewer
unconcious with energy overload.
4. The famous ringleader of the Australian Mafia
has been known to
actually draw ANSI once in a while - he is usually dresse
d as a minister,
and responds to his first initial, L.
5. ANSI, when tested against the top model produ
ction cars of the big
three United States auto-makers, has constantly outperfor
med such cars
as the Corvette Sledgehammer and the Mustang Cobra.
* because we made them up!
new members
This month has been one of the most productive in Dark hi
story, and new
members have produced in almost all areas. Joining us th
is month are
are Entropy, Liquid Motion, Maelstrom
, RedRum, and WatOr. All of the
previous, save Liquid Motion, have joined Dark under the
artist banner,
and have contributed immensely to the production of the A
ugust Dark
Collection. Liquid Motion joins us in the Communications
to aid overall smooth communication between members. A
hearty welcome
to all new members.
things that make you go whafuck?!?
The success of the band The Rembrandts. Beatle
mania lives.
What the HELL is hexadecimal!??!?!
Mommy, mommy, my pants are on fire.. and I like it!
The worst thing about lipstick is that it doesnt.
Dammit Jim, this is a sickbay, not a most pit!!!!
I dont believe it, my Supra modem is almost finished dow
the only known nude picture of Claudia Schiffer! Only 50
00 more bytes..
I love my Supra modem so much, I didnt even turn crash p
the lands of dark
Shadowdale 416 World Capitol
Ravage Bias
The Twisted Tower 905 Northern Fortress Elmin
Sanctuary 305 Southern Fortress Tempus Thale
Harvest Moon 216 Central Fortress QuRan
Rebel Studios 905 Recruiters Guild Incesticyde
Black Ice 805 Armoury Inertia/Argon
Dungeon 2 808 Armoury Smooth
Ground Zero +972 Armoury Sharp Edge
Project-X +972 Armoury Nyc-Kid
Suicidal Shrimp 514 Armoury Red Leader
Sushi Bar Z 619 Armoury Asylum
Eternal Insanity 908 Armoury Mindcrime
Evil Intentions 408 Armoury Betrayer
The Mourning After2 817 Member Keep Neurops
The Tenement 905 Member Keep Genesis POrridge
Forceworks 416 Member Keep The Green Hornet
Toons Town 905 Member Keep Wator
Day Glo Fungus 905 Member Keep Entropy
Virtual Extacy 905 Member Keep Moby
Silicon Sphinx ??? Member Keep Maelstrom
An extra note on sites: When inquiring about becom
ing an armoury,
please do not assume that because one has the only
board in the
area code, state, country, etc., that one will re
ceive the site.
Please do not inquire solely for that reason.
Groups: ACiD iCE Un
dergrown Anasthasia
Blade Legend Toon
Individuals: Anselmo Aphex Twin
Argon Bigboy
Lord Carnuss Magnetic M Nailz
Rad Man
Sinned Soul Smooth Somms
Syntax Error
Tempus and all the guys we forgot