What is a darkpack? by Spaceman Spiff
What is a darkpack? by Spaceman Spiff
The DARKPACK is a release from
ARKtm Illustrated and
occurs usually every month.
Enclosed in this k-rAd release
is a viewer designed for all
your orgasmic-viewing ne
To use th
is viewer, simply
strip naked as a bear in heat
and put your underwear over
your head. Then type DARKVIEW
at the prompt.
This package will be releas
around the 1st of every freakn
month and will have in it: all
the official DAR
K stuff, some
big mut
ha .NFO file which you
have to make sure you read, a
memberlist, a site list, the
DARK application, and a f
bottle of
If you want a DARK ansi/VGA
then you just have to contact
us. If you cant contact us,
then send a message engraved
in blood on one of your ripped
off limbs, along with your own
real name and telephone number
P.O. Box 304
Station D
Etobicoke ON Canada
M9A 4X3