The DARK Sourcefile
June 1994
- Introduction -
Another two months past, another chapter in the history of DARK written
and behind us. Only six months ago it seemed that a period of two
months between each pack went in a flash as we all scrambled to complete
enough work on time. However this time around the two months seemed to
last forever as everyone waited in anticipation for the date of the
release of the pack to approach. Well, its now here and wed like to
invite you to feast your eyes on DARKs best pack to date.
Most notable is the progress made by our members during the past two
months. Some of the members in the ANSi department are new since the
last pack, but theyve ALL made tremendous strides in a short time.
While there may not be an over-abundance of ANSis in this pack, theres
certainly enough to whet anybodys appetite. The VGA department has
made strides as well, making it one of the best in the scene today. Our
music department is as consistently excellent as ever, and the Coding
department has not only completed a terrific new viewer, theyve also
started to shore up the man-power theyve been needing for quite
a while. Finally, the lit. department has gotten some great new talent
and will excel in the months to come.
Rumours have been flying over the past while about mergers between the
smaller groups in the scene, DARK included. While receiving some
attractive offers from more than one group, nothing was firmed up and we
have managed to stay off the recent mergers page of the disk
magazines. Wed like to sincerely thank those groups who sought any
type of merger with DARK not only for showing appreciation for our
artists and their talent, but also for making us re-affirm one fact in
our own minds:
It wasnt until after the dust had settled and the initial excitement
had worn off that we began to realize what it is that makes DARK so
strong today. It is the loyalty of our members most of whom were
introduced to the scene by DARK and whose talents have matured in this
group and our uncompromising standards. We have never purported to
be better than either of the mega-groups, but we have always done
whatever possible to make this group -- what we have -- the best it can
possibly be. To do that we cannot compromise our values, and we will
not let those values take the back seat to our own ambitions. DARK is
here for the long haul, people. Thank-you for reminding us of that.
Weve also managed to shore up a number of talented new members in all
our departments and are excited to see more work from them. We welcome
them with open-arms into the DARK fold, knowing that they will be the
foundation on which this group will be based in the coming months.
Interestingly, DARK has not lost a member to another group since the
release of our first pack, and we have no intention of starting now.
Artists are not like livestock, and we intend to make DARK an enjoyable
place for ALL our members. Examples?
DARK does not force members to drop their other affils when
they join. After all, if they can complete work regularly,
who cares what other groups they are members of?
DARK does not believe in handing out assignments and
deadlines. After all, isnt that what our members have to put
up with in school all day?
DARK members are encouraged to work on what they ENJOY
working on, AT THEIR OWN PACE. Nobody will stick with a group
if they believe theyre a victim of slave labour. Some of our
new members can attest to that.
All these policies are based on common sense and mutual respect between
ourselves and our members. It is this attitude which has kept us alive,
and helped to instill such loyalty in the members of DARK.
Welcome to the next century, people. The scene is a-changin and DARK
intends to lead the way...
- New Members -
As mentioned before, weve managed to get some talented new members in
the group since the last pack. Heres a list to date, in alphabetical
Death Star Coding
Enraged Avenger Coding
Evil Misfit . ANSi
Forlorn Extender ANSi/VGA
Lord Azzur VGA
Maxx Cour
Morphine VGA
Predator Music
Ravage Bias Cour/ANSi
Scimitar Wraith Lit.
Spaceman Spiff ANSi
Tribal Fish ANSi
Vulcan ANSi-
Things that make you say...
What the fuck?
This pack, DARKs third, was released on D-day. Gee, I wonder what the
D could stand for?
In the coming months DARK will be introducing a spectacular new
file-commenting standard that will no doubt sweep the nation and make us
the most e-leeet group on the planet. Tentatively named SOUP, the only
unanswered question that remains is whether you should label your ANSis
with a fork, or a SPOON. -
DARK trading cards are on their way! Get your favorite DARK ANSis
printed on high-quality, glossy cardboard! Share them, trade them,
collect the whole set!
The first person to mail their math teachers car keys to the DARK P.O.
box gets a free DARK ANSi. Seriously! Send us the keys, your alias,
and a way to reach you.
- Wanted -
Dead or Alive DARK is now looking for a capable
New openn TeleCom division. Serious interest
only. Contact us on Illusion Island
Earn if youre interested. Oh, and no
,, and lose lamers. Were looking for codes,
weight too! PBXs, voice extenders, and VMBs.
Apply today!
- Member List -
MUS Music Dept COD Coding Dept
LIT Lit. Dept COU Courier
SEN Senior
Alias S A S D T U N
Black Widow
Atomic Corruptor
Big Boy
Black Dust
Death Star
Enraged Avenger
Evil Misfit
Forlorn Extender
The God-Fearing Athiest
Hannibal the Cannibal
Hudson Hawk
Invincible Dawn
The Klown
Liquid Malt
Lord Azzur
Night Hawk
Ravage Bias
Red Dwarf
Scimitar Wraith
Shock Wave
Silver Sable
Spaceman Spiff
Tribal Fish
Xypher Matryx
- Distribution Sites -
WOW! Big Boy, our Site Co-ordinator has been busy in the past two
months and we can thank him for compiling the following list:
Name A/C Desc. SysOp
Illusion Island 416 WHQ Black Widow
Northern Sector 416 CanHQ Technical Disrupter
End of Time 803 USHQ Holy Water
Harvest Moon 216 Central QuRan
Waking Nightmare 604 West Prince of Death
Realm of Insanity 203 CourHQ Tranquility
Sanctuary 305 South Tempus Thales
The Garden 705 Dist. Death Karnage
The Cult 314 Dist. Psyco Child
The Kilroy BBS Dist. Eivind Hagen
The Web 203 Dist. Spyder Man
Corrosive Poison 516 Dist. Psychotic Fiend
Shadowlands 609 Dist. Raistlin Majere
The Phunk Palace 408 Dist. Hannibal Lecter
Latitude Zero 510 Dist. Ren Noble
Amber 914 Dist. Corwin of Amber
Were still working on a few sites, so if your board isnt up there,
dont panic!
- Greets -
Wed like to say hello to the following groups and people. Youve
earned our respect and we look forward to working with you in the
in alphabetical order
Acid Ice Miis Nation
Paw Tribe Union
in alphabetical order
Acidic Morality Critical Perspective Epitaph
Eternal Darkness Forlorn Extender Genocide Maestro Masterken
Nailz Neuropsychosis Neurotic Rad Man Ravage Bias
Sir Psycho Sexy Skull Leader STiLE Technical DisruptER!
Tempus Thales The Dark Half
Anyone wanting a greet in the next pack must send us a postcard with
your ALIAS, AREA CODE, and preferrably GROUP NAMEs at the DARK Post
Office Box. Address it to:
P.O. Box 304
Station D
Etobicoke, ON, CAN
M9A 4X3
It only costs a stamp. Naturally, youre more than welcome to mail
nude photographs everyone but RedMan, we dont want those kind! :- or
computer equipment.
Scratch the shaded box and smell the genuine scent!
DARK Scratch N Sniff Box
Todays Scent : Glass
This pack is dedicated to Laserlore
You were with this group since the start
-- youve seen it at its worst, as
well as at its best. Good luck in
your future endeavors.