"Dramatis Personae" by Dark Memberlisting
"Dramatis Personae" by Dark Memberlisting
the CatwomaN babe! with apologies to Desalvo :
Darks Dramatis Personae
April 28, 1995
. Black Widow .
Carnifex, Ravage Bias
Coordinator .
Acidic Soap, Cyber Wolfe,
Golgotha, Impact,Preying Menace,
Scrupulous, Shrapnel,
Silicon Graphics,Spaceman Spiff,
The God-Fearing Athiest,
The Green Hornet,
The Retarded Warrior,
Tribal Fish, Vulcan,
Xypher Matryx
. VGA.
*Crow*, Drone-Fly,
Hannibal the Cannibal,
Metal Skin, Night Hawk,
crn .
. Music
*Laserlore*, Moby, Replay,
Shock Wave, Predator
v . Literature
u *Scimitar Wraith*, Desalvo,
c Coding.
a *Sudden Impact*, Einstein,
n Epitaph, Mist of Death, .
Communications .
Black Ire, Psycho Slasher,
Rainmaker, Riptide,
Ritual Slaying, Stardust,
The Hemp Hoodlum, .
Undead Corpse
FYI: * head of respected division .
Carnifex of Dark
blue text recent addition to
respected division
Desalvo and Silicon Graphics are
also known as Forlorn Extender
and Liquid Image, respectively. :
Carnifex Crow Elminster Ravage Bias
fex@reptiles.tlug.org apathy@io.org elmy@squeeky.free ravageb@io.org