digital riot by maniac
digital riot by maniac
gg gg gg
,g, ,g, s 0 s
g g,g, gg
P g
,gg gg ,gg,g, gg sg,g, gg
dP dP dsP
dP dP dP
b d b d b d gg
b, ,d b, ,d b, ,d
0p:bleach ,g,
g ,gg,
s g
s 0 s ,gg, gg ,gg,
gg b , dP b dP b
P dP b
b dP
b, ,dP ,g,
-snip-----------------------------------------------------------------------some of you in maryland might know the number under the name of sick society.
that is, if bleach hasnt changed the name yet... well, anyway, i think these
little guys might become a trademark of mine. i kinda like em.