c r a n i u m p r o d u c t i o n s
Thursday, 6 October 1994
Well, I hope I can make this quick and to the point. Dont expect
anything fancy from this info file. If youre reading this, you
probably dont have anything better to do, and will end up reading
the entire file anyway--so what am I worrying about?
Here we are, we made some ansis and vgas, put them together and got
ourselves a neat little name: Cranium...and why not, lets make it
sound somewhat professional, and add productions to it. Thats
basically all there is to it. What are we? You probably already
realized this, but for those of you who are mentally challenged and
are still reading this, Cranium Productions is yet another small
art group born in the art scene. Scene? What scene? What is this we
refer to as scene? Hell, I dont know maybe people need to make up
a name like that to refer to the intangible world of images and
words behind their computer screens. Frankly, I dont care what
you call it as long as you keep the word cyber out of it. All
Im concerned about is that a copy of our premiere pack found its way
into your hard drive, so you now have a chance to check us out.
Cranium is based in the 407 area code. Its amazing how many new
art and demo groups are coming out. Regardless, we decided to put
this out, and see what happens. If all works out well, we will be
releasing a new packet regularly--at this point we are hoping it will
be every month, but you all know how that goes. Remember, we all
have lives outside of our computers, weird isnt it?
Anyway, I said this wasnt gonna be too long, but this simple info
file is now uncontrollable and is growing out of proportion. For now
Cranium is composed of 3 artists and one fine coder. Like everyone
else out there, we are looking for some good artists, coders and
musicians. Hey, if you think youd be a good addition to the team,
dont hesitate in contacting us information follows. We are also
looking for boards that will distribute our art, so if you run a
board and are interested in being a distribution site for Cranium,
contact us too. Use our application generator CAPP11.ZIP to apply.
Send out the completed form to our Headquarters or uuencode it and
mail it to me.
The current member list:
Clorox Cowboy ............Founder/Artist
Xtn .....................Artist
Akira ....................Coder
Kevbo ....................Artist
Im still trying my hand at music, so expect some music on our next
release. Also expect a bigger pack. Being this our first one, we
struggled to release it, and finally decided to put it out as
it is, without further delays that would have taken us nowhere.
I wont bore you with personal infoz and similar crap. Does it
matter anyway? Just judge us from what you see no further explanations
required. No need to portray ourselves with k-rad-elite crap and
all those idiotic attitudes that plague the so called scene. We
do this for fun, so we really couldnt care less what you decide to
call yourself, or us for that matter.
If you like our work and need something similar to what you see,
send your requests! Well see what we can do to help you. Wed like
to hear from anyway. Send us your requests, comments, and food stamps
to our Headquarters, or reach me Xtn at:
Our BBS:
Black Morpheus
.....Finally, its over. Hey, that video
with the guys playing Golf in NYC is
Watch out for our next release! Thnx to all those who make the great
ansees, demos, and music that keep my HD full...Thnx to general mills
for the best cereal on earth: Cheerios!