cow news #2 by burps
cow news #2 by burps
were back, with pack 2. the groups made some changes since
pack 1. first off all we gained new members. the first one
is csurfer. hes a coder/artist. and has been active in ansi-
groups like iCE, 3nT and aRT. the second one is well known on
the belgian scene, whitesnake. he joins us from x!ess and
bleach, both groups died one month ago. he certainly deserves
his place in cow. and the last one is kaligula, he was also
a bleach member. and will do some courier work for our group.
we are still looking for more artists. if you want to apply,
fill in the included in this pack and upload it on
zone-x +32-16-720218 or through e-mail to
dont forget to included at least 5pieces of your artwork!
were still working on cowview tm, its just a matter of
time, but it wont be an ordinary viewer. have patience.
.nfofile by bs!cow.