Productions . . .
Idea taken from Punisher War
Journal, issue 18. This was my
first attempt at an overshaded
comic book character. Id just
like to thank all the little
people who havent helped me one
bit. Greets go out to:
Turbo-Z: Call me when you get
some food!
Oedipus: Hello, Newman again.
r o a c Trident: I am the greatest now
that I have new and
improved fonts!
Raider: So, Uh, Whatya think?
: Fellow CiA Members
...My 908 Lamer friends :
In case you boneheads havent fig- ured it out, thats a headband, not c 1 9 9 3 flames coming out of his head!
Smell The Roses
PZ 12/22/93
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