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,adSS,a, SSSS, , nation
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, S you cant read the font... open your eyes.
:storie from gd of order, this got him that ascii
gD hey! can you do me an askii?
pbcia tell me a funny storie
gD superman was flying over france one day when he came
along a nude beach! he saw wonder woman w/ here legs
spread open! he said to himslef, Self, maybe i can fuck
her twice w/ out her seeing me.! i can use my super
speed! so he tried! and did! then wonder woman said,
what the hell was that? and the invisible man sat up
and said, i dont know but my ass hurts!
pbcia liked it.. what do you want done?
gD a askii for alien nation
pbcia alright, consider it done in a couple days :
gD ok coo!
i want to hear stories about aliens, so email me. the people who send in good
overall stories win a pic. it can be big, small, funny, serious, just make it
really neat.