cia conspiracy #27 inf0z.. by CiA
cia conspiracy #27 inf0z.. by CiA
na YuM!
cia conspiracy
27 information file
y0, wazzup fo0lios.. enjoy!
wassup guys, napalm her
e.. welcome to the 27th cia conspiracy, with
the new skool year ugh comes quite a few changes in cia. th
is months cia
is more like the cia of old, small and close. this month we h
ad to say bye
to a lot of close friends, heres the lowdown:
members taking off:
this month we lost a lot of great people and close fri
ends, it seems
that the scene burns em out a lot quicker these days : takin
g off from our
senior staff are mr. muff and superfly, both
off to do their own things while
still helping out with the group. from our ansi dept goes
unsane, diehard and
fading out in ansi this month is shamanize. from vga
goes the coordinator, mr
venom and pitt faded out. mr coder wizoi
takes off to do his own thing as
crimson overlord fades out of existance. ascii mofos
tbo and insanity man both
fade from the member list. from music goes the infamous dj be
anz beaner to
do some work with more specialized demo and music groups.
members taking crack:
we welcome all new members to cia, these include c
rimson ice to ansi
coleslaw, kal, and ironman to ascii,
we probably got some other new members
but weve all been kinda outta it.. :
moving positions.. everyone! mr e is the new lit c
oordinator, dev is
back in it with the head web position, ear is now hea
ding up the internet
coordination, telstar heads up vga, beaner was headin
g up music but hes gone
so its up in the air for a while khyron.. come to me
: some other people
switched around im sure, take a look at the member list..
jazzs info:
thanks to jazz for doing more ansi this month
than he has done in
total over the last two years.. also jazz is now going to sc
hool, he still
has no life, working at 7-11 and in his free time he plays ma
gic. oh, and
jazz is still not on the list
a letter from mr. muff
Hey all, this is muff here. As all of you may know, alot
of people quit cia
this month. Why i left? Well, first, i have other things in m
y life that
need focused on, like business opportunities, college courses
, and personal
things goin on in my life. On top of that, i need to save my
cash. But i
will still be around, maybe in a group, maybe not, but for aw
hile i will be
groupless. Thats why i left, so, if anyone is pissed, ohwell
, its just a
hobby, but i would like to thank tron for everything he has d
one for me and
respecting my decision to leave, i would also like to thank n
apalm, superfly,
trident, venom, greyhawk, edicius for your help and support t
hrough my cia
running era, if thats what you want to call it, all of you gu
ys were great
to work with, and i will stay in touch with you guys. I also
want to thank
frostbyte for suggesting cia as a place to come to, i also th
ank each every
cia member i have worked with. I could go on about thanking p
eople, but you
know who you are. So, my time at cia was a good time, and i h
ope cia continues
to grow. So, l8s to all my fellas at cia.
pack?.. uhm.. the dog ate it?
sorry that the pack was a little late and a little sm
all this month
we are all kinda tired and a little discombebobulated. look f
or the cia of the
future to stay kinda small and friendly!
getting in touch with us!
w0o.. cia is all over the scene and the net, you can r
each us at
any of our hq boards or on the net..
cia on the web:
cia group email:
cia ftp site: /pub/ear/cia
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