February Pack
Hey, all. Tron, here. What a kick-ass month! Ill get right
to it. First of all, wed like to welcome Ground Zero to the Senior
Staff. We are very confident that his knowledge of the scene and
excellent organizational skills will push this group to a much higher
level. Glad to have ya, GZ! Also, we welcome newcomers to the group,
Maniac, who we met from Paranoia Mag alliances, Dark Shadows as our
teleconferencing specialist also from Paranoia, Mandor, who we met
from the Dissident merge Ill get to that later, and a newcomer to
scene, Sluje, who has wonderful potential as you will see in this
pack. Welcome, all new members!
The Turbine Art Couriers have been added as our official
couriering service. We cant thank you guys enough for spreading
our stuff around. Let us know if we can return the favor! Also, weve
dropped a few boards from our sitelist. If your board does not appear
on our list, we either decided that you didnt offer anything to the
group, or you gave us enough attitude to remove you. If youd like
to debate this, we are reasonable people. Contact any Senior Staff
member, but I should mention that we voted on each board, this month.
On a negative note, I was laid off this month. Good for the group,
bad for me. I only mention it here so noone weirds out over my
high production this month. Also, FinalNet is becoming the official
net of the CiA. Any interested parties should fill out the app.
Okay, now to the meat. Kronos formerly of ACiD, now with
Gothic..also, a personal favorite of mine did some really nice
articles this month in Iridium. The subject matter of one article
is worth mentioning here again. Some of you may have heard that CiA
was working on a merger with Dissident aka LTD - /2?? The Revision?
Well, this merger did take place. I must clear up some facts
concerning the merger that were mentioned or assumed in Iridium a
very fine mag.. No Carrier said we came to him, this is untrue but
not a big deal. The name Dissident name was not going to stick, we
were going to stay CiA. But the main reason I mention this, we had
no idea of No Carriers reputation as an ansi hacker. We had some
rumors get to us after the merge, and then the Iridium article by
Kronos reaffirmed this point. Enough so, that a few of us got together
and went through his stuff, comparing to old ansi packs from several
groups, iCE, ACiD, GRiP/AD, GRiM, Valiant, AAi. . . hell, he even got
one from my old group, ACE! Out of 34 ansis, we FOUND 17 hacks! Now,
I really dont like ragging on people, and I tend to be a disbeliever
of rumors, but we created a pack of his ansis, and each one
individually is followed by the originals. The proof is undeniable.
I heard many people say LTD/Dissident is a bunch of lame hackers. Two
reasons I mention this. I felt a need to clear our name of this mess,
and the other, you should not judge an entire group by the actions
of one guy. Not all of us have been around since Jesus was drawing
ansis. So, we may miss some here and there remember the hack Kronos
mentioned that got into the ACiD pack??. If you spot an ansi in any
group, tell the Senior Staff, and the user will be dealt with. Hacking
is lame, you will get caught!
With that behind us, I think youll agree this is a kick-ass
pack with some great improvements over our previous work. Anyone
interested in joining, grab our application generator thanks, Sudden
Death! Later. . .
Tron CiA, ACE/FX
Greets: Major Bludd, Gothic, Kronos, Cetis, Raistlin, and the rest
of the group, kick-ass job this month!