!BeeP! !BeeP!
Not So LeGaL NoTiCe:
Greets in the middle
Looney Tunes, characters,
of an ANSi Hey, i had
names and all related indica
space to fill up! Well:
are trademarks of Warner Bros
Crimson Blade, you arent
and are used by APALM with
Dead! Tron, hope this one
absolutely no permission what
isnt like yours, couldnt
so-ever.. The ANSi depiction
get a copy of it : Dr. D,
of the Road Runner tm was n
ow that your virii are to
produced entirely by APALM tally
undetectable can you
CiA takes no responsibility ma
ke me a new scanner? :
for this Wackos actions... HEY to e
veryone else i like