Intense View v1.0 11-30-93
Coded by G-Man
Ansi by Tron
Ok.. After about a month of fuckin around the pak is finally out
along with the viewer. It SHOULD be pretty much bug free, but theres
bound to be a few floating around in it. AnyWay, below is the format
of the CiaView.CFG file if you need to adjust it manually:
Line1: Path for CIA files.
Line2: Path for ANS files.
Line3: Path for EXE files.
Line4: Path for MOD files.
Line5: Start-UP Mod file.
Line6: Ansi View Speed 1-10
Line7: Sound Device Code Sound Blaster is 7
Also, If your wondering about the LINE1 and LINE2 files they are
just to fix a small bug the viewer had with screen modes. Well, thats
about it. If anyone does find a problem or has a question/complaint
let me know. You can either E-Mail me at Muerte CiA WHQ or my own
board Total Carnage - 908665-2075.