cia conspiracy #66 by cia crew
cia conspiracy #66 by cia crew
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----+--- c r e a t o r s o f i n t e n s e a r t :: 1 9 9 9 ---+----
c i a c o n s p i r a c y n u m b e r s i x t y s i x
Intro / General Group Info napalm ----------------------------------------
sup. cia conspiracy 66 marks some major changes in the ranks of the creators
digital design crew. with the recent lack of support for our low-resolution
departments and the increased quality of our hires department, the cia focus is
shifting. ansi and ascii have been an integral part of cia since day one, we
were founded on these formats way back in the bbsing days of 1993. hundreds of
top-notch ansi and ascii artsits have helped elevate cia to its current levels
of popularity and quality over the years. In the last few months the demand for
and production of ansi and ascii art in cia and in the underground art scene
itself has dwindled to a speck of what it once was. many once highly productive
artists from cia and other groups have moved on to school, life, the netherworld
and some even to gasp! other groups.
so what does all this mean for cia? change! but not too much just yet! the
ansi and ascii departments are STILL ALIVE. we will still be accepting any work
and applications for ansi and ascii artists, the difference? we will no longer
have an active recruiting ansi head, ansi and ascii will be released if any is
submitted that month, there will be no more separate low res disks unless it is
warranted by a high amount of low res artwork submitted that particular month.
you can still submit guest artwork for these departments! if you want to help
boost these departments please feel free to contact me at my email address at
the end of this section. but wait, theres more! over the next few months we
will be rebuilding our web site and possibly changing and experimenting with
releases, pack formats, web presence and more. but dont worry, youll still
get a monthly dose of high quality art and literature from the cia crew!
welcome to a new era for the creators crew. comments, questions and suggestions
for the direction of the group, the development of our web site and the state of
our departments are welcome and encouraged:
irc EFnet: cia as napalm, napa1m, napalmCIA, etc..
High Resolution News Ikarus ----------------------------------------------
More summer bliss, and another wave of CIA! Our artists this month have found
time to make SEVERLY kickass works, bringing much variety and style.
We welcome mojo to the department this month and kick a few guys off for not
Doing a damn thing. so I guess this sums up all the ehh happenings in CIA in
the past month, so just go admire the uhhh kickASSness of the pack or something?
IKARUS desperatly awaiting Tricky - Juxtapose!@
Scrollz Literature News Blue Devil ---------------------------------------
Scrollz Issue 8 is NOW ONLINE! Issue 9 Coming Soon!
Welcome to yet another Scrollz Online Release. Yes a week after our debut we are
back in force and slowly we are getting back on track. Our first issue should
have been out 3 months ago so this one contains the most recent stuff along
with the works from our newest members in this Premiere Debut. Joining Scrollz
Online during our off season so to speak is the following horde of talent
Nestle, Juliashoppe, Chex, Flutterzby, Torrent, Lucid, Seven Roses Ivy
Talon and we have acquired two more mascots allycat and ianna. Ripsaw has
returned to the fold as well. This month we have the pleasure of a former
member guesting in this release. Once again I must re-state without shine
from black maiden this site would not have been possible. I want to remind
all of you to Visit the forums section as it helps us know what you would
like to see as well. Other news: In the works are multiple interfaces for
the site as well as an online application generator, editable member
profiles a long with a few other tricks.
So sit back and relax enjoy the ride that is Scrollz.
Blue Devil Founder of Scrollz
Web Design Department Lamont ----------------------------------------------
Yeah, this Lamont, the badass mofo that brought you When Animals Attack
Crotches: Uncut Uncensored and now I guess Im head of our new web design
division. Were the people in charge of now. So you just better
watch out because were gonna make iCE v2 look like!
Please send web site suggestions to so that he can share
them with the design team to help make a kick ass site!
Intelligence Spot --------------------------------------------------------
Its august.. and its fucking hot..
nuff said!
CIA Intelligence Coordinator
The END --------------------------------------------------------------------
- c 1999 creators of intense art / cia productions / -
- edited by napalm, so blame him for fucking it up.