Cia April 1999 Information File by Cia Intelligence
Cia April 1999 Information File by Cia Intelligence
voyeur :: the creators of intense art monthly newsletter
l ninety nine ::
Welcome to the Creators of Intense Art monthly
Information File! Within this
packet you will
find updates and other relevant stories
rding your favorite Cia departments!
Now for your sake I hope that you are
using Wiretap to view this if you arent
already. Youre not? Uh oh, can you say,
reformatted hard drive?...
Info file layed out and edited by Sodium
Cia and Voyeur font created by Sodium
Big man with a gun drawn by Offset
Introduction designed by Sodium
Ansi section written by Sodiu
Ascii Hazmat se
ction rushed by Sodium
Lit Scrollz section plastered by Blue Devi
Hirez section manipulated by
Conclusion typed by Sodium
----Introduction ::
Welcome to another furious month here at Creators of Intense A
rt. Im sitting
here in the newly formed Cia Intelligence office, out in beau
tiful classified,classified, the ext
reme west of Cias headquarters. Ive got a sweet surround
sound music system in here with subwoofer of course, baby and one s
exy intern.Whats up sugar?
honey heres your coffee mr. sodium... mmm.. whens your ne
xt coffee break?
Heh Heh, she isnt to bright. Anyways some big changes went on here d
uring the
month of march. First of all, Burning Chrome, has given up
his position to
become Cias Godfather. Basically hes in charge of kicking a
ss if people fall
out of line just a little bit. He murdered his own brother you know.
Sent him
out on a fishing boat. Had him shot in the head...
And the wonderful Napalm returned to the office of Cia Pre
sident and Cool Guy
Numero Uno! thats the official title And what else, oh
yea! Pariah is now
head of Cias Ascii Division, Hazmat. That really kicks ass c
ause Pariah is a
neato guy and he can run stuff well. I guess. Well I dont know how g
ood he is
at management but he looks cute in silk red boxers and thats all that
matters tothis sex depraved staff here.
----Ansi ::
Well here I was writing up this info file when my email program yelle
d at me andthe following message popped up on my screen from A
nsi deparment head, Mister
Savage Dragon.
To: That Pathetic Whiney Bitch Of Mine
From: Lex Luther, The Man With The Master Plan cow@worshipper
Im leaving the writing of it up to you. :
Oh wonderful! And that little smiley just makes it worse! However he
gave me allthe info and alot of quotes to put in here so I can
crank this out in a few
minutes, and get back to whats really important: Coming up with some
hypothesis to fuck with your cranium. Like what if the reflection in
the mirror
was real and you were the reflection? Wow! That would mean if the guy
or girl inthe mirror moved away you would disappear! Ha Ha! N
ow you cant ever look in a
mirror again and you are going to stop all hygeine and turn into a ru
bbery facedkid with bad skin and terrible greasy hair. Sorry W
endel if I just described youIm sure those fifteen year old b
op sluts will still ride your unit. Sha, right.
So apparently the last pack was excellent. Here is some quotes from s
ome notablepeople on the scene. These people have powe
r and you should agree with every
single thing they say, except creator because he runs avenge a
nd thats for
sodium this pack simply owned
sodium like 10000000000000 times better than last month
Does this make me a notable person? Hey, how many times do yo
u have to be notedbefore you are notable? Do you get a ceremon
y? Dammit. I want an award show.
catch22 CIA IS COOOL
catch22 WTF i didnt know smoke was that good
crayOFF someone gimme this infamous cia pack :P
catch22 yay for cia .. good pack!
radman man, the cia pack makes me want to merge acid into c
Okay, so I made that one up.
creator the pack was dope
creator straight up
creator oh my gawd the pack ruled@@@
That one is real.
catch22 check the cia pack its dope
crayOFF if this cia pack isnt as amazing as you guys make
it to be, ill
like... hate cia even more :P
chronicc it sucked my hairy nutsak...
chronicc was cool.. way better than last month
zeroV the pack was completely awesome
sodium ok uh
sodium T H I S P A C K R U L E D
I was very curious as to what made this the most ultimate pack. So I
took an Ircpoll and here are the results.
Why did Cia Conspiracy number Sixty One Whoop Ass?
Sodiums Art: 99
Something Else: 0.1
For my benefit I combined every vote other than Sodiums Art
into 0.1 percent ofa vote and I think it made the r
esults more balanced. Fuck you! Thats not
cheating! I made the rules, I can change them whenever I want! Youre
not the
boss of me! Waah!
Well, Cleaner left to pursue work in THE ASCII FIELD. Trait
or. Good luck with
Prelude. I guess. Jerk. :
Ok, so our friend Spear is back from some place that I kno
w nothing about. Spearis really awesome but I cant hype his r
eturn a whole lot because I have to savesave all the excitment
for the fact that...
Yes, its true! And Im out of breath now so Id better quit. See you
next monthif I write this thing again.
----Ascii Hazmat
:: Sodium---
Yeah, Yeah. Pariah is in. Dark Entity is out. He
s still in the group just not
bossing around our ascii agents. And Nughaud is with us now,
and that makes me
happy because *sniff* i love the little guy.
----Lit Scrollz ::
Blue Devil----
Howdy. By now if you have not been paying attention, you probably won
der where
the hell is Scrollz in the Cia pack.
Well starting April first Scrollz has ceased to release in the standa
rd scene
format. Instead it is letting its presence be known to the online wor
ld by beingproduced exclusively on the web. Thats right folks
, in order for us to expand
we must leave the limited world of zip distribution and hook up to th
e unlimitedaccess that the world wide web provides for us. So
to get the total Scrollz
package point your web browser to
I would still liketo reaffirm the fact that Scrollz is a Cia
production and will continue its fullaffiliation with the grou
p. For more information about Cia go over to their siteat
This month has been a busy month for our division. After no contact f
rom the
following members, they were all presumed dead and membership in the
has been terminated: Demoz, Dissonance, Froz
en, Maldoror, Jandor, and Need
May they find joy in the afterlife or future endeavors. This month ha
s also
brought the resignation of Martyr from his office of staff
in Scrollz. He left
to further improve his Ascii skill and may he find success with it. H
owever, the door is open if he ever feels like wansering back
to us.
This was not a month of solid departures however. Joining our ranks t
his month
is Inazone, Rogan-X, and Zozzy. I wo
uld like to make a statement that the rest
of the members on the list are active and have decided to continue th
e journey
that Scrollz is on. As we enter one year under our belt, I feel we ar
successful and quite triumphant
Nuff said.
----Hirez :: Ikar
March! Springtime is here, yet we pumped out some disturbing stuff th
is month.
We hope it will blow your minds and make you scream for mummy while u
nder your
covers. This month has been rather exciting, rioting, bombing and all
Inspirational bliss ? Along with the premilenial tension
tide has come a few
new d00ds.
First of all, there is Avi Das, a three dee guy. Im prett
y sure he joined
anyway. He said he did, but didnt turn anything in. Oh well. Other d
00d we got
is Derksar. Hes a swingy fellow operating out of Pikes b
ackyard known to havemany ikarus approved nekkid women
. Weve got Jeeves who waltzed into Cia as
well, kind of light on the loafers. And last, but not least, comes
Chainsaw, a
talented manniped wandering into the area of toony manip ?
EndStuff. ViewPack !
----Conclusion ::
This infofile was pieced together at the end of March and ended up ha
decent, so I am satisfied. Now if anyone is really interesting in wor
king with Cia Intelligence, well then I must say sorry. We
are not accepting any more
applications at the moment, but maybe one day...
Well thanks for actually reading this far. I know youre edgy to chec
k out the
pack so Ill let you go now. See ya around next month. Sweet dreams
voyeur is the creators of intense art mont
hly newsletter and is published by th
e cia intelligence office founded march nineteen ninety nine. a
ll material is copyrighted by creators of intens
e art cia nineteen niney nine c...!?