0299 CIA Infofile by Prst / Sodium
0299 CIA Infofile by Prst / Sodium
creators of intense art
march99. Special agent Sodium here. Upon contacting Savage Cow for the months ansi information I was completly horrified to learn that our ansi coordinator had been taken hostage by our sworn enemies, the evil your group here, and was sold to warez99 who forced him to do nothing but draw ascii for their fileservers. Closer inspection of his home turned up a stretched pantyhose with something hastily scribbled on it and loaded with spelling and grammer errors... WHOEFER GETZ THIS HERE IS THE CEE EYE A ANSI INPHO FOR MARCH!! - sc Written on the other side I did indeed find some tasty tidbits and used them to write this section. Dont worry about Savage Cow/Dragon though, I plan on resucing him after getting some strategy from the movie, Navy Seals... Here goes... Cia field agents raided various hideouts this month
resulting in the capture and assimilation of the
following ansi agents... barebonez - who was tortured with the barbra streisand film festivial before breaking down and joining us. barebonz FUCK BARBRA STREISAND. this also proves that barebonz is indeed Joan Cuzack from In and Out
and wants to be touched.
anvilhead - who actually defected two days before
the raids took place and cranks out
tons of shit. As Savage said... savageCOW the next zerov of the scene or something anvilhead is from a european country currently classified. zippy - has been busy working incognito down in
texas trying to get the lowdown on that
Bluedevil character. I havent read his entire report yet, but as far as I know bd is a masterbating machine .. most often to napalm pron. barebonz I SWEAR EVERYBODY EVERYBODY IS GAY! unseenf8 - also a euro, uneenf8, stormed into
the offices of cia dressed in a
catwoman costume with a giant dildo
strapped to his head and demanded to
see napalm. napalm...?
unseenf8 im not leaving TILL I GET PAID!
photek - photek swam across the atlantic to pursue religious freedom in the states and was captured and brainwashed to fight for us. Due to complications with the enemy, the following
agent was forced to change his names and enter
our protection program... minister of light - know known as offset...! These three agents were forced to leave the company... 4th disciple - defected to the organization known
as real life stuff.
twoxfh - missing in action and presumed dead.
gloss - returned to ice advertisments...
...who is now hunting me down due to something I said in ice... sodium i lied once to work at circuit city and said i was in RED SECTOR radman ahahhahah basehead sodium, i will KILL you
sodium hahahahahahaha
radman AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH basehead that is RIDICULOUS radman TRISTAR sodium it wasnt even on my app.. it was during my interview basehead what are you thinking man radman you said you were in Red Sector basehead +k
Now for those cia ansi agents who are tired of
chatting with the bozos from our lit and hirez
departments, get your asses over to creators,
the cia ansi department. thursday is bongloads and beer night.. b.y.o.s. If you are not on the mailing list god knows why then email Remember we are watching you. Speaking of emailing, Killah Priest needs to mail Savage Dragon assuming that he can recieve it in the sweat shop hes stuck in.
Big thanks to Minister for helping out a bunch, that joker, Creator, for our diz, and Prosthesis for the info file layout that I shaded at the very last minute thank you very much. -sodium And thanks to Sodium for writing this damn thing. -savageCOW
hirez division
February, the month of love. Choclate too! Bonus,
that explains this month for CIA Everyone must
have been going down on blowup dolls? Exactamondo. NO new members this month. Oh well. Im going to be kicking a few members off le list for being LAZY INACTIVE AGENTS. Right. REFER TO MEMBER LISTING. We got back this month too, I feel so elite with ! Infofiles are no fun anymore. People may get offended
I will return you to your exciting life of IRC. Totally.
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