Idle Dreams by Lord Scarlet
Idle Dreams by Lord Scarlet
this is the lovely sarah michelle gellar, drawn from a poster on my bedroom wall sudden drawing inspiration from viewing the superb ansis by n4 in cia59
okay, time for some black on black.. im finally doing
some. greets out to all my peeps in cia! im
glad to bea part of the family!! id love to
greet everyone, but i just donnt have the memory
to do that. but atleast hi to ryan, rob, josh, and hte
rest of the lore crew. oh.. jp! cia rockz0rs.
cia // 1999
/ houe
look m! no
/huge comic
idle dreams bbs +oo lordscarletciadt ralgothscrollz
NOW OPERATING: telnet:// inspiration to
/ all you pic artists that cant draw
fonts.. dont
do it!!! :
fONT!? we dont need no steenkin font!!
well, rather than relying upon someone to do a font for
me since i suck at them, this pic is 100 font free..
ok.. 95 font free.. so sue me in the next gutter
// special thanks to filth and fever for their moral support and opinions as i
drew this in two late, frantic evenings. : //
for a good time browse