CIA Productions Newsletter by Burning Chrome
CIA Productions Newsletter by Burning Chrome
The last 90 days have been great for the Creators of Intense
Art. For the past few months, CIA has been lurking in the woodwork of a
dying scene. Some great groups have risen, while other groups have faded
away, leaving only a vague memory and the bad aftertaste of a re-heated
week old burrito. CIA has sat aside, doing nothing to support this
sinking ship.This month everything changes.including my underwear -nap
For a month or two the scene was in quite a slump. Former group
president Napalm was not sure what to do with CIA or where it would be
or should be headed. Working full - time and going to school made it
difficult to run a group and compile packs, similar situations caused a
dwindling number of submissions from busy group members.Napalm has since
decided to hand these responsibilities over to me.He continues on as ANSI
department head, and an active member.
Dark Entity, the Ascii Department Head, has given his department
the name Hazmata, and has broken it from the main group. Members
of Hazmata are still a part of CIA, but Dark Entity makes all of the
decisions over that portion of the group. Their work can be seen in this
pack, after that they will be releasing seperate ascii packs. You will
find these packs the same places you pick up the cia packs, on,, irc or your favorite art bbs.
Blue Devil and his legion of Scrollz, merged into CIA to continue
the legacy of the CIA literary division formerly led by CIA Alumni,
Mister E. This merger has brought to CIA the talents of Blue Devil,
Klumzee, Cryogenic, Prosthesis, Vader, Arrogance, Davious, The Crowe,
Nuclear Dreamer, Darkmoon, Acolyte, Seige, DRS, Tunglo, Skaboy, and F7.
Work that is released by Scrollz will be included in executable form
with each CIA art pack. For more information on this merger, please read
the information contained in the Scrollz executable.
We have had a rush of new members in the past couple of months.
Joining the ranks, are Subsoniq, Minister of Light, Sinister X, Euphoric,
Claypool, Tarsin, Unholy Spirit, Noah, Mydnight, Empty, Evil Lynn, Skaboy,
Incognito, and Julian Stardawn. There was a blast from the past, as
former CIA Lit coordinator, Mister E. re-joined the CIA team. Tarsin
takes the position of Telecom Coordinator, and Unholy Spirit joins at
his side, to keep the group well connected. As an added treat, Unsane
returns to the ANSI ranks of CIA.
Bonse from RCA is guesting this month, in the Hirez Department.
We hope that you enjoy his work, as he has a great dedication to
his artwork and what it stands for. We thank him for his support.
This pack has been put together with Skaboys Packer program,
called Avenge Packer. It can be found on under
Creators of Intense Art has big plans for the future, and if you
would like to be a part of it, simply send email to one of the
department heads displayed on the member list. We are currently looking
to expand once more into the music scene.We are also looking for people
to work on the CIA web page, which needs to be continually updated
and re-organized. If you think that you have what it takes to organize
and lead a high quality music department, or run the CIA web page,
then please send email to
CIA is giving away FREE STICKERS! yes, FREE! Thanks to everyone who
purchased stickers over the last several months, we hope you
enjoyed having them before everyone else : In order to get a few
freebies mail us a SASE thats a self-addressed, stamped envelope..
for those people who dont get it, write yourself a letter, stamp it
with enough postage to get back to you wherever you are,
DONT seal it, fold it, stick it in another envelope, send that one
to us and seal that one, got it? Gooood.. If you mail us a little
doodle or something special nothing dead please!.. on second thought,
nothing alive either! you might just get a few extra stickers! You
can see the two sticker designs at no, you
dont get to choose, youll probably get a few of each, deal with it :
To get your stickers send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:
Free Stickers!
42 East 23rd Street, Apt. 83
New York, NY, 10010
Offer good until September 30th, 1998 or while supplies last.
Late, misdirected or insufficient postage SASEs will be
discarded! So dont mess up, ok?
Hey, Napalm here. Id just like to say thanks to everyone who
has been supporting cia over the years and especially these last
few months as weve been regrouping and trying to keep things
going. Special thanks go out to Burning Chrome, Dark Entity, Blue Devil,
Sudden Death and the rest of the cia crew who have made this
possible. I hope you enjoy the work that was put into this pack,
see you next month!