/ !GR!
* Hello, And thanx for leeching the 2nd case pack! Chances are no one will
read this, but what the hey . Please excuse all typos and shit, for Im
no English major .
Well, I want to thank our New distros, Sorry I didnt get you guys in the
site list. But Im running outta time!
Next, I wanna thank my Budz Shazam and Terrorist HAHA! look who I put
First! , For they have helpd me BIG TIME on the art for my BBS!
Ok, Now to the important Shit, CaSe need some good Artists, Coderz, and
Musak people.. So what the Hell, Just apply.. The easiest way to apply
is to find me in the IRC rooms of ANSI, BBSWAREZ, iCE, ACiD... Im
Usually under the handle of GRiM or GRiMCNC: So catch me there..
Now, I want to introduce the Dudes that are featured in this pack!
GRiM: Datz Me.. Um, Basically I do ascii.. So if you want 1
find me on the IRCs or Call my BBS CAPiTAL PUNiSHMENT
Shatterstar: Muzak Dude, and Ascii dude
Terrorist: Hehehe, i could go on ALL day, But in a nut shell, When
Hes not Dicking his Girl Friend, Chances are hes mixn
At the HOTTEST Party Around.. But when he gets time hell
write a mod or Draw an ansi for us..
Gate Keeper: Cool Dude, He does Ansi and Ascii for us.
Syntax: Coder, If there is a problem w/ Any of the shit, BITCH AT HIM!
No me.. J/kn..
Ok, well the rest of our Members decieded not to release this month, so its a
small pack..
Ok, Well I hope you like it, Please, feel free to apply..