Index of this very important BTG infofile
1. Information about ByteGarden
2. Member list
3. ByteGarden bbses
4. Previous releases
5. How to join
6. Whats next
7. Greetings
1. Information about ByteGarden
ByteGarden is a group what releses tons of silly production with no idea.
Were making these prods just for fun and I think we arent never going to
release any demos or any useful software. Only good thing is we release
ansi pack few times in year. I dont have anything else to se so go on...
2. Member list
Member list of ByteGarden isnt so large, and worst thing about us is were
unbelivable lazy.
Handle First name Job in BTG
Paz Jani Orgasmizer, artist, coder :
Rage Jussi Artist, writer
Wiseguy Jari SysOp, coder
BigWig Jukka SysOp
3. ByteGarden bbses
Here is list of bbses, which contains BTG products. To contact us call
to our World Head Quarters.
Board name Numbah Opentimes SysOps Rank
CyberSpace +358-984-767584 24Hrs/Day Wiseguy Paz World HQ
Kurrebox +358-986-6140061 24Hrs/Day BigWig Dist Site
Rabbits Nest +358-981-395871 22.00-07.00 GyZe Dist Site
4. Previous releases
This list contains ALL ByteGardens releases. Real fans got them all!
Anuksen Tirint part 1 Anuksen Tirint part 2
Kissan Teilaaja 1.0 Anuksen Tirint part 3
BTGs 1st ansipack Anuksen Tirint part 4
Anuksen Tirint remix BTGs 2nd ansipack
Elite look to dos Lentosimulaatio 1.0
Elite-Chat-Machine Trader Killer
5. How to join
ByteGarden is also looking for new members. We are looking for coders, ansi
artists, musicians and text writers. To join us call to CyberSpace and
leave message to BTG. We are also looking for dist sites to distribute our
productions. At least ByteGarden should have their own file area in dist
site. Modem should be 14400 bps or faster and there MUST be all our single
releases! Dont afraid, just contact us! We might be enough c00l to you!!!
6. Whats next
Its somekinda secret, but I can say, it might be Anuksen Tirint part 5!
It also could be game. Watch our bbses really care to get newst prods.
7. Greetings
Here goes greetings from BTG to following persons / groups:
All users of CyberSpace, Jartza, Qman, Draft, Mikko Oravasaari, Hamilton,
Turo / Fascination, C00l Prods, PWP and All Finnish aNSi groups.
THiS iNFOFiLe HaS MaDe By: PaZ oF ByTeGaRDeN iN 1995