Wired 96 4k by Shiva
Final Version
1. System Requirements
Minimum: 486DX Math Copro required
512k of free low memory
Recommended: Intel Pentium with 133Mhz
Fast PCI Bus
VESA 2.1 with 320x200x15bit Hicolor
VRAM Graphics Board
2. Shiva said...
Well, about this final version: The Wired 3rd place did not have the
menu to select VGA. Im sure the organizers would have selected VGA,
so lucky me The first time it displayed an VESA error anyway.
I just put it in recently, because some non VESA guys wanted to watch
Black, too. Im not too happy about it, because, compared to the Hicolor
version it really looks shit. The latest Univbe really should do the job
for most graphic boards. The Julia fractal looks completly fucked up
with only two shades of blue used in VGA mode.
3. Credits Greetings
Code, Design Everything: Shiva
The cool guys: Black Maiden Art Productions
special thnx to coke for letting me code on his computer,
leonardo for the ascee and voice for a code night.
Personal Greets: Mustermann Climax Filis
Siriuz Mind Internal
Submissive Force Jey
Chaos Jumping Mysterio
Group Greets: Cubic Team Amable
Acme VX
Abbandon Exhumers
OTM Blue Pearl
4. Tech Stuff
Polygons: 5400
Shading: Goraude
Illumination: Phong
Lightsources: 3, moveable
Rendering: 24bit Truecolor
Output: 15bit Highcolor or VGA 3:3:2
Animation: Angular
Tunnels: Lookup
3d: Matrix Transforms
Optimization: Size
Julia: No precalculations! 32 Iterations
Packing: Pklite
5. Contact
Mail me anytime about anything.
Visit Black Maiden at: