bLEACh ShOCk!? .. by krOnic khaOs
bLEACh ShOCk!? .. by krOnic khaOs
,b .kO
O db. d ,db ,
O ,P
r .
S ,P SsS SsS SsS
cOlOr shOCk!?
sss S , ,da da
sP h C
S S O k
For some reason that s looks like blatzs S. I just looked through some ascii
packs and found this shit out. So, if anyone thinks I ripped this S, I didnt.
Sorry blatz if you think this S is ripped.
Greets: Everyone in the 214 mostly the anger people, Sinister X, a couple 817
guys, blur members, flame, pixel puher, killaHertz, Cheeze, Cheese Monkey, filth, exulted, luke skywalker, nootropic, JED, halaster, iodine, chromatik,
and others that a forgot to mention.