boil #6 / newsletter
boil #6 / newsletter
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iy* hallo. welcome to the 1 year anniversary edition of our supreme
: scene-dominating artpacks. we labelled this 6th pack oh mann
i because this represents our opinion bout the situation
. of the so called german art-scene. it is dominated
S@, by geeks and other fuck-heads we dislike.
, you guys know who you are...
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4P NEWS ,,yy
S@ yy im glad to tell you that two people joined the bunch,
: haze and nemo freshing up boil with some leet askees. yy
SS@y the german artscene is dead by most means.
: well see how it goes on, IF it goes on at all...
, i put up my board recently, the freeside.
yy@S give us a call at +49.40.5008181 v.34/x.75
+ since many german scene-related boards went
yy, down we had to change the site-list again.
i :: boil 6 is our kind-of anniversary pack. we started
S@y, ,, drawing ansi about 13 months ago. that makes one pack
! every 2 months...
.: thanx for all the guest entrys of avengerblack maiden/
@@Sy alcesnerp/lord chaosblack maiden...
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yyy ,, jerusalem: since jerus got farbenblind he uses some kind of
weird color-combinations... additionally he sometimes
truly believes, hes spiderman. but alltogether yii: : ! he was able to draw 13 nice ansis for this pack.
P: fastjack: since im losing a bit of interest in the scene
yyl i am somehow inactive at drawing ansis.
yy if there will be another pack, ill be better,
, i promise... 1 ansi
...,,yy haze: just have a look on his owning ascee collie...
! nemo: also member of AWE, nemo contributed 5 asciis for boil 6.
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@@yy,,, , * ib,
! yy
,,,, send your love-letters
P y to
on irc efnet check out
S@y. ansi,, ascii,
l graffiti, boil...
@@y ii
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,,,, : !: *@@: ,d* *i jer *i y@S*! OUTTRO : @y S@ @s+ we dont draw aliens anymore, and we dont like !:, borschtsch at all ! : *iiib, !!,, we truly never did. we lied to you all the time... ::@@yy * text: fastjack
: design: nemo most outlines
i jerusalem coloring, some outlines
b, ,* , 4!S@y, * ,.
, S@