Blender 2023C infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2023C infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Cthulu Greetings Don Epi! I expect a full video review of this one when
its out!
Epimundo hahaha greetings everybody! may this blender end succesful and
without too much casualties
Cthmist oh no, Im going to slaughter everyone at the end
Cthulu sorry, did I say that out loud?
Roboto you thought it
Epimundo I expect a little bit of murdering, of course
Roboto we can read your mind, cthulhu
Cthmist my thoughts are pretty transparent
computer art computer art computer art... accordion
Roboto hahahahahaha
t h e e r
the blender: there will be juice
Cthmist Hello to all the idlers in the channel! Anyone here actually awake?
OK, uh, Ill try again in 5 minutes.
TooCool not really awake, but almost half-awake
Cthmist A sign of life!
w o r d s f o r t h e w e i r d s
Cthmist OK, for the next, lets say 21 minutes, were still in the word-
gathering phase of the Blender
privately send me suggestions of topics for this compo: subjects,
actions, locations
at 11:30 Ill announce the three main topics this time around
If the system works as designed, I wont use more than one topic
from a given contributor
so dont worry about sending me a complete slate of words all
harmonized to work perfectly together, it aint gonna happen
Skrubly Im late but also I have no idea for words
Cthmist skrubly, quick, get a dictionary and open it to a random page
true story, mistigris name origin myth
classic dada game
Skrubly ok
this might be a phonebook
Cthmist its comedy night here on Blender this morning
TooCool hahah
Cthmist Were unlikely to reuse topics that have already been the stars of
earlier Blenders
so if you are hoping to do another blender where hulk hogan is in
hell because he committed suicide, sadly youre out of luck
though of course youre welcome to make retro blender topic
tributes whenever you like, just not as part of the main compo
Skrubly god, weve been doing Blender so long it is inevitable that we will
have predicted some horrific event
Cthmist someday we will all be characters in a low budget indie horror movie
zir clint eastwood, sculpting, atlantis
Cthulu I know what youre thinking, Namor -- did I glaze my pot between
firings in the kiln? In all the excitement I kinda lost track.
Do you feel lucky, King of Atlantis? Do ya?
please note the request also was for subject submissions to be sent
zir sorry
clint eastwood, sculpting, atlantis. privately
Cthulu this relieves social pressure for us to use words from cool kids, or
for the mob to turn on contributors of unpopular topics
instead they all can direct their scorn and disdain at me
Cthmist OK, Im mulling over the words now
Usually this is the point where I argue with Warpus for a half-hour
over what the best mix of them is
Warpus is not with us at the moment, so it leads me to the much
rougher situation of arguing with MYSELF for a half-hour
Cthulu shut up, you loser
Cthmist Hear me out
Cthulu Havent you said enough?
Cthmist Anyway, I think you all can appreciate why these deliberations are
best kept private
Cthulu yeah, so they dont call the funny farm on you
Cthmist so sit tight and well get some topics assigned in a few minutes
Cthmist All right friends, I think I have triumphed
Cthulu Thats what you think!
Cthmist Stay down!
Cthulu Not without taking you with me!
Cthmist OK, we have some words
Cthmist ...
Cthulu OK, I think hes down for the count
Cthmist ...
Cthulu Flying elbow drop werent the words
though it might be fun if they were
OK, since Im playing the evil twin in this production, Im going to
announce the topics in reverse order...
the location involves a SKYSCRAPER
Cthmist ...
Cthulu where there is a skyscraper naturally there is also GODZILLA
Cthmist ...
Cthulu and the activity going on
Cthulu ... seriously?
TooCool hahahah
Cthmist Thats right, Godzilla is playing chess at or with a skyscraper
Skrubly excellent, no notes
Cthmist OK, try to get your entries in to me for noon PST tomorrow
We will deliberate over the entries and announce winners shortly
Cthulu Well see about that
Hennifer Last time I played chess was in a bar because they had a set
sitting on the bar
So I played with a buddy, both of us basically know the rules but no
strategy whatsoever
By the end of the game we had a big crowd of old guys standing
around us and they would let out a loud groan every time either of
us made a move
Cthulu I admire your trolling the gaffers energy
at some point just start making deliberately bad plays
Hennifer We didnt have to do it deliberately
n e w b l e n d i n g f r o n t i e rs
Cthulu 37 minutes remaining, Skrubly!
Skrubly excellent. 37 minutes is much better than negative fifteen minuts
Cthulu you can do a lot of writing in negative fifteen minutes
Skrubly strangely enough this is actually NOT a writing submission.... it is
this is literally something that would have been impossible for me
to do back in the old blender days, its really insane how
acccesible things are now
I mean jesus I would have needed an amiga and a camcorder
Cthulu skrubly, we are all keen to see what youve been cooking up
and I hope that including the video doesnt destroy our artpack file
size 8
Skrubly oh damn thats right its got to go into an artpack... errrr... Ill
have to see. I guess Ill render it as an mp4 or something
Or I should get a fisher price pxl camera, aim it at the screen,
record it, and send you the cassette tape
f i n a l r e c k o n i n g . . .
Cthulu the compo is officially wrapping
damn, there is a ton of great art here this time
ok everyone, I have to retire to the judging chambers with my
esteemed colleague
Cthmist the esteemed colleague being me, that is
Cthulu help me focus and amuse yourselves here by sharing godzilla jokes and
Roboto godzilla steps in a bar
and thats it
Cthulu thanks for your patience everyone, with this many submissions its
not as easy as judging when there are only three
its a good problem to have though!
Cthulu ok I think were going to have some very confused scoring
Cthmist all right friends, I have some ranking announcements to make
Roboto ooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO00000000oooooooOOOOo
Epimundo ooooh
Roboto drums
Cthmist complicated ones
Epimundo omg
Skrubly un poco :-/
Cthmist we have an issue here because there are too many high quality
Epimundo poor people
Nitron so, trial by combat then
Epimundo jajaja
Cthmist trial by godzilla chess
were going to have some ties
Im very sorry if this comes across as a giant middle finger to
everyone denied from the podium, I really appreciate all of the
submissions from everyone
Checs ohh i need battle chess now
Cthmist so a big honorary mention thanks to toocool, darkman almighty and
consolejockey in their first blender! for their submissions
really its always such a surprise when darkman almighty draws
anything thats not star trek related
Roboto clapping in respect
Epimundo hoorah
Cthmist hm... star trek vs godzilla...
ok, save that thought. in THIRD place...
winning one point
we have a tie
between Nitron, somehow representing Blender itself
and Checs, who I am assuming is here as part of the HPM crew
Cthmist you would have done better if only so many heavy hitters hadnt
shown up
Cthmist and now
in SECOND place...
winning two points
we have ... another tie
Roboto OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo00000000000
Cthmist a THREE-WAY tie m
Epimundo wtf
Nitron how can this be?! does PHYSICS even allow this?!
ConsoleJockey thats a lot of ties!
Checs mindblowing
Cthmist nitron, that picture says a thousand words
Strong work out of Zirkus Freak from Fire
willld block ASCII from axb of Mist
Roboto riots
Cthmist a joint VIDEO submission by Skrubly and Minoomah of P.U.P.
a multigenerational production
Roboto mindblowing
Cthmist all right, in FIRST place...
you can probably guess...
Epimundo yeah
Roboto TIE!!
Cthmist I couldnt decide which of these were better
two very different approaches to dominating a Blender
Epimundo hehehe
Cthmist three points each to Mister Roboto of HPM
Nitron once again artificial intelligence dominates over humanity
Cthmist who I believe continues a streak of taking home 1st in every
Blender compo he has ever competed in...
Epimundo traeme la copa, robotooo
Cthmist and to Hennifer of Lazarus with his more polished entry, taking the
long game strategy of first founding the Blender in the 90s and then
coming back 30 years later to win it
Hennifer In the end I believe we all tied pretty much
Cthmist a lot of points for a lot of people in a lot of crews, something
for everyone
again, apologies to everyone left out of the ties, and
congratulations to everyone tied up in them!
Cthmist Blender Will Return Oct 21-22 2023
probably with Warpus back in the fray
Its just a pleasure to trick so many people into making silly art
on random subjects
Skrubly Sorry I was distracted, P.U.P. is currently filming a bonus clip,
The Acme Sand And Gravel Company Safety Video Series: Fire Bad!
Cthmist People want to make art, they just need an excuse. A silly excuse.
Nitron godzilla always draws a crowd
use your imagination here to insert an ANSI scene of Godzilla at a painters
eisel, holding a brush in one hand and painting a group portrait
n e x t u p . . .
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, october 21st - sunday, october 22nd, 2023
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer